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Hey there! It’s Sam & Rev. We are cruising around America’s Great Loop aboard the Here’s To Us!! We will show you how you can be sitting in your living room one day and then be out on the water the next.

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We are going around America’s Great Loop again! We will share videos on YouTube of every stop. Check out our current Platinum Loop Route. Come on. Let’s go!

Platinum Loop

Our Gold Loop Route

We documented each trip the first time we went around America’s Great Loop. You can see a video and read our blog post for every stop. Get ready to travel through the eastern part of the United States and into Canada from the comfort of your sofa.

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#124 Pasadena, Maryland to Essex, Maryland

We did it. The Flag Picture Every Gold Looper has this picture and it is definitely one we will cherish. I ordered the gold burgee when we were in Georgia and we had it hand delivered when we got to Charleston, South Carolina by Kim Russo, Director of the AGLCA. We...

#123 Annapolis, Maryland to Pasadena, Maryland

When it was time to leave the Annapolis Maryland Capital Yacht Center, we had to squeeze out of the slip. And then watch the turn to follow the way out. It is so tight! We enjoyed our time in Annapolis but we were ready to move on. We are planning a surprise. We...

#122 Solomons Island, Maryland to Annapolis, Maryland

We stayed two nights at Solomons Harbor Marina. The water was flat once again as we left. This marina also had a lot of jellyfish in the water. They are so lovely, the way that they move, but I would NOT want to be in the water with them. We went back down the same...

#121 Deltaville, Virginia to Solomons Island, Maryland

We stayed a couple of nights at Dozier's Regatta Point Yachting Center. It was a very relaxing stay. We left on a beautiful day and are heading to Solomons Island. It's a hot spot in the Chesapeake Bay and we were excited to check it out. So, we headed back out to the...

#120 Yorktown, Virginia to Deltaville, Virginia

Usually, we get up when we want to get up and then going. We are trying to enjoy these last few trips as we head to the end of our Great Loop Journey. So, I took a stroll around the Wormley Creek Marina. Check out this mural of the owners’ boat. It was a beautiful...

#119 Norfolk, Virginia to Yorktown, Virginia

Sam and I had such a great stay in Norfolk. It’s definitely a mermaid town. These lovely statues are each unique and placed all over the city. Norfolk is Mile Marker 0 of the Intracoastal Waterway. That means we have come to the end of the line. And we have to say...

#118 Chesapeake, Virginia to Norfolk, Virginia

The Atlantic Yacht Basin Marina is a very short distance from the Great Bridge and Lock. Yes, you heard that right. We have another lock. This is #100. I’m not sure I even remember how to do a lock, it’s been so long. I might need to watch my lock video. The Great...

#117 Coinjock, North Carolina to Chesapeake, Virginia

We stayed at the Coinjock Restaurant and Marina for two nights. There really isn’t anything there except for this restaurant (which has a famous prime rib among Loopers) and a little store. We headed out at about 7:30 a.m. because we were both awake and ready to go....

#116 Columbia, North Carolina to Coinjock, North Carolina

We left Alligator River Marina around 8 a.m. And can you believe it? No alligators! They should at least put up a statue of an alligator. Something. Anyway, we followed Saltie, who had stayed at the marina last night also, out into the Albemarle Sound. Sam followed...

#115 Belhaven, North Carolina to Columbia, North Carolina

We spent a couple of nights in Belhaven at Dowry Creek Marina. It was a nice surprise. A fancy dinner. A pool. A store. They are even building a restaurant onsite. We are already looking forward to going back. We took off right before 8 a.m. and the water was great....

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