#10 Amsterdam, NY to St. Johnsville, NY

Family of Canadian Geese

Written by The Crew

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June 11, 2019

We set an alarm for 6:15 a.m. so we could get up early and try to beat the rain forecast for St. Johnsville.

Well, it wasn’t necessary because a train runs loudly and woke us up about 5:30.

We wanted to leave about 7:30 to get to Lock 11 when it opened at 8 a.m.

So we are working through our checklists before 7 and planning what needs to be done when we looked over and saw a boat leave.

Where do you think you’re going? The lock doesn’t open until 8!

Sam called the lock master and wouldn’t you know, they open at 7!

We are on a mission!

Let’s get out of here!

Our Journey Down the Erie

Today on our Erie Canal cruise, we have to go through Locks 11-15 but since we are getting more comfortable with the whole lock thing, this shouldn’t be a big deal at all!

Most of the time while we are traveling down the canal, we see beautiful trees on each side of us.

There are many bridges that we go under and an occasional train that passes by.

But this?

This is a little too much civilization for me right now.

On to the Locks

The great thing about today is that there is hardly any wind, the temperature is around 70 and all feels right with the world.

We breeze through all five locks without any drama.

I mean, we were the ONLY boat traveling in all five locks.

How crazy is that?

I kind of like hogging the whole thing to myself!

And it was nice not having to worry about getting loose and crashing into another vessel.

The next five locks could not have gone smoother.

The lock masters were friendly.

The sun was shining.

And did I mention, no wind???

It was a beautiful cruise.

Coming to Lock 11
Coming to Lock 11
Hello Lock 13
Hello Lock 13!
Looking good Lock 14!
Looking good Lock 14! A seven-member Amish family watched us go through and waved to us. We saw a few horse and buggies in the area.

A Little Bit of Nature

After we were leaving Lock 15, the lockmaster said, “It looks like you have a family crossing up there.”

And we did.

We saw several families of Canadian geese on the bank but this family decided they needed to get to the other side.

Who were we to stop them?

Finding Refuge

We decided to stay at St. Johnsville Marina for the night.

Tell Grace we said hello!
This is a marina AND RV park. A man right across from us spent the night in a tent.
Gazebo and Military Flags
St. Johnsville, New York

We walked into town and had lunch at a diner.

We made it back to the boat before the rain hit.

It rained all afternoon and some the next morning.

I Just Have to Say Thank You

I spent some time putting together more of the bags that I make for the lockmasters.

It was my friend, Balahula, that told me about giving the lockmasters a treat.

She said she was going to make them cookies.

If I made them cookies, I think they would probably spit them out and close all the gates!


You can’t feed us this garbage and expect to go smooth sailing through these locks!

I’ve already thrown away a batch of experimental peanut butter cookies that I made a couple weeks ago.

Not all of us are known for our baking skills.

The Great Loop Facebook group also gave me some good ideas.

Most don’t give anything and that’s the norm.

I decided that chips and cookies could brighten any day.

So that’s what I put in our Thank You bags.

I bought a variety pack of chips at Aldi’s and got the Famous Amos cookies from Sam’s Club.

I picked up the brown paper bags and rope from the Dollar Tree.

I also dropped in one of our boat cards.

Bag for Lockmaster
Thank You Bag for the Lockmasters

I didn’t spend a lot but the lock masters seem so appreciative.

I don’t really think they get a lot of thank you gifts and I can’t say for sure but some of them do call ahead to the next lock and they wait for us.


I think not.

Our Thoughts

Our Trip

Nebo Trip: From Amsterdam to St. Johnsville
Nebo Trip: From Amsterdam to St. Johnsville

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  1. Canada Geese – they are only Canadian Geese if they came from Canada. Though my correction may not be correct because you might have checked their passports. Aren’t people who nit-pick annoying? ?

    • Yes! But I’ll let it slide. I think they are just visiting. Having a little family vacation. 🙂

  2. Another great leg on your adventure. Great post, the story and pictures make it very enjoyable to follow your progress. Seems to me that you are closing in on your original time target.

    • Thanks, Rus! Yes, that’s the plan and we are doing everything we can do to meet our goal.

      • Looks like 98 miles to you June 17 target destination.

  3. I’m so glad you had that calm, pleasant relaxing day of cruising. Did you have to stop in place while the Canadian geese family passed by? Love your thoughtful “Thank you” bags! Love you!

    • We didn’t have to stop but just slowed down. I get my thoughtfulness from you! Love you, too!


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