#106 Beaufort, South Carolina to Church Creek Anchorage

Written by The Crew

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July 17, 2020

We really enjoyed our time in Beaufort but it was really hot.

It was though, a beautiful morning when we were ready to go.

After we went under the bridge with the American flag flying, we waved to the marina on the right where Vitamin Sea was docked.

We enjoyed seeing Ed and Kathy while in Beaufort.

Sam had been doing some serious planning.

Working around the tides, wind and current to get us to Church Creek 1 anchorage.

It was going to be a long day but I’m OK with that every now and then.

I always hate seeing anyone get towed because we almost quit the Great Loop after we got towed that third day of the journey.

At least they are in good hands.

We saw a couple of boats stopped at a beach that we would normally refer to as a shoal.

I guess perspective is everything.

When we were still back at the Safe Harbor Beaufort Downtown marina, there were several military jets that would fly overhead.

When we got to this area, we decided their base must be close because we saw them doing their “touch and go” landings right behind theses houses.

I’m sure listening to “the sound of freedom” and the view is worth it.

Sam had to do a lot of planning today because there are some tricky areas.

Of course, he used Bob 423’s routes and tracks to guide him.

We had to go through this cut and knew the channel was narrow.

And oh, yes.

That’s right.

Just as we were lined up, we could see something in the distance.

The very thing you don’t want to happen, happened.

A boat was coming toward us in the most narrow section of the cut.

Hold on.

This was a very long day as we twisted and turned and followed Bob 423’s routes.

I don’t know why but in this area there were a ton of horseflies.

We swatted.

We smashed.

We got as many of them as we could.

It was either us or them and it wasn’t going to be us!

The day continued to be beautiful with patches of clouds every now and then.

We came to the McKinnley Washington, Jr. Bridge.

I think that family really wanted some presidents in their lineage!

Next, it was time for some weirdness.

The Garmin is fairly easy to understand.

Blue = Water

Green = Land

Bob 423’s track goes right over land.

Could that be right???

Yes, it is and we cruised right over that green patch.

If you want more Bob 423 info, you can check out these videos.

We saw cranes, barges and tows in full force.

And this barge was anchored right across from all the action.

A pleasant reminder that we love shrimp.

We finally made it to our anchorage and we happened to be the only boat there.


We did notice that the sky was growing darker (a bit early) so we checked the radar and it looked like rain was inevitable.

So, we had dinner and watched the local weather.

Do you see all those colors we have to look forward to?

We did have a nice evening watching the clouds and the rain.

Tomorrow we head to Charleston.

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  1. The Marine Aviation Station is located in Beaufort. Harris Island Marine Corp Recruit Depot is also located nearby.

    • Thanks so much for the info. We really appreciate it.


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