#108 Charleston, South Carolina to Georgetown, South Carolina

Written by The Crew

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July 25, 2020

We stayed in Charleston four nights including the 4th of July.

We decided to leave the morning of the 5th which was a Sunday.

I was against this decision because I don’t like to travel on the weekends.

And this wasn’t just any weekend in the summer.

It’s 4th of July weekend!

But the captain rules so we left.

Now the tricky part about this marina is the current.

Sam planned leaving on a rising tide so we wouldn’t have any issues.

And we didn’t.

We went back under that bridge and back by the mega yachts.

Look at that water.

So smooth.

So calm.

Could this be a great day to be out there?

Oh yes!

The day was beautiful.

The traffic was light.

The sights were amazing.

The homes along the way are always exciting to see.

When we got to this bridge, there was a fishing boat filled with tourists fishing right in the middle of the channel.

They had no idea the Here’s To Us!! was coming their way.

Sam had to sound the horn to let them know.

You know that scared all the fish away.

And I know it must have startled the fishing group.

But there really weren’t many boats out so the water continued to be calm.

And our cruise to Georgetown was really pleasant.

As the day went on, a few more boats came out but nothing crazy.

Nothing like I expected.

But the day was still early.

We did see this lifeboat that is unsinkable.

Maybe if it had a way to see out better and a few luxuries thrown in, it could be a great loop boat.

I mean, unsinkable!

That could come in handy.

The Intracoastal Waterway is a beautiful path.

Doesn’t it look like this boat is sitting on the grass?

We also passed this lone house.

They must like their privacy.

Then, there are those who like having neighbors.

Not too close.

Later in the day, we heard birds.

It sounded like a lot of birds.

Well, apparently this pack liked traveling with us for a stretch.

It was almost like they thought we were a shrimp boat and going to be throwing out some goodies for them.

They followed us for quite a while.

It was awesome.

We passed a serious dredging operation.

I’m sure this neighborhood will appreciate having the deeper water.

There were several more homes down the side channel.

As the day went on, still not a lot of traffic.

What is going on?

Isn’t this the holiday weekend?

Where is everybody?

Although, really, I’m not complaining.

I’m thankful.

Well into our trip today, we hit 5,000 miles on the Great Loop.

Can you believe that?

We celebrated with a selfie.

On the home stretch to Georgetown, we came to an area that looked like we should pay close attention.

It is actually a floating swing bridge that helps cars to across.

A ferry bridge!

How cool is that?

We got to Harborwalk Marina and found a few Loopers there!


After traveling for awhile and not seeing any other Loopers, it was a fantastic surprise!

Now we are here on a Sunday, so a lot of places are closed.

But it’s still a great town to walk around and see what they have.

All towns should have a clock tower.

It reminds me of Back to the Future.

This is supposed to be a great place for breakfast.

But we did see some sad reminders of other businesses that are closed.

Another sign of the times we are living in.

Stay healthy out there.

Finally! A Looper Event

We met the harbor hosts, Michael and Ginger, right after we checked in.

They came by to assist some other loopers.

Then, we found out that Kitumba, Short Vacation, and Easy Living were here.

Brenda and Tom, nearby Harbor Hosts and Gold Loopers of Kissed Some Frogs, organized dinner for us at Buzz’s Roost.

This is the first Looper dinner we have been to since COVID hit.

I didn’t realize how much I missed these events until we couldn’t have them.

What an incredible site walking down the boardwalk back to our boats!

And then this.

And oh, yes, they do!

This is the first time we have seen alligators.

There were two of them in there.

I don’t even care that they are only three feet long!

A gator is a gator!

Georgetown is really a lovely place and one I would like to visit again when more businesses are open.

What a lovely ending to an incredible day.

I’m already looking forward to visiting Georgetown again!

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