#109 Georgetown, South Carolina to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Written by The Crew

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July 29, 2020

We had such a good time in Georgetown being with other loopers but with so many businesses closed there really isn’t a reason to stay.

So we headed back to the ICW and pointed north.

It was a nice day.

I love it when the water is flat.

On this trip we are moving from Georgetown to Myrtle Beach.

Now, we are going to stay at a marina in South Myrtle Beach and another marina in North Myrtle Beach but we are combining the two into one trip log.

It’s going to be a long day so get comfortable.

When we got hungry for lunch, I decided to get out my induction cooktop and make burgers on the Lido Deck.

Then, we saw Kitumba behind us and they asked for a pass.

They are planning to cross their wake and finish the loop in Norfolk, Virginia.

We are really excited for them!

This part of South Carolina is lush with trees along the waters edge.

It is really beautiful.

There are also several marinas along the way.

We decided to stay at Osprey Marina on the recommendation of Angela and Joey, who follow us on YouTube.

The marina gave us a welcome bag full of goodies!

Complete with a honey bun, pecan cinnamon rolls, hot pepper jelly, koozies and more.

What an awesome surprise!

Then, Angela and Joey brought us happy hour AND dinner!

Can you believe that?

They really showed us some down-home southern hospitality!

Visiting with them was definitely the highlight of our stay.

We left Osprey Marina early the next morning and headed for the Myrtle Beach Yacht Club.

We are moving on because heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected in the next couple of days so we are trying to stay ahead of the crazy weather that is coming.

We sure are enjoying the scenery along the way.

And then the sprinkles start.

We also notice something in the distance under the bridge.

Oh, yes.

That’s right.

It’s a barge.


We had to really get over to pass them and suddenly we didn’t need coffee anymore to wake us up.

That did it.

Right after the barge, then came the ninja jet skiers.

The swing bridge opened for us and once the ninjas cleared out, we went on through.

Even though it is sprinkling, I can understand why jet skiers want to be out there.

The water is perfect for speeding along.

It’s the kind of day that we are thankful for having an enclosed bridge.

Next we came up to the Grand Dunes area.

Now that place looks like it would be a lot of fun.

Sprinkles turned into rain.

Sam had to do a lot of planning for this stretch.

There are bridges that we need opened and a 3-mile rock pile area that is very narrow.

You’d think they would make a bigger sign.

Maybe use some exclamation points???

When we entered this cut aka the Rock Pile, Sam made a Sécurité call to alert any boaters that we are entering this three-mile rock area.

Don’t you love the name?

Rock Pile.

So scary!

I guess this guy found out the hard way.

We are having a nice ride.

No one responded to our Sécurité call.

Everything must be ok.

We stayed in the center of the channel, when all of a sudden we see a sailboat in the distance heading our way.


Oh yes.

Merrily, he was rolling along.

We have noticed on our trip that a lot of sailboats don’t use their radios.

I don’t know why.

This one didn’t.

But Sam handled the situation great and the giant sailboat wasn’t nearly as big as I thought it was in the distance.

So, crisis over.

You know we are traveling today so we will miss rain and thunderstorms coming but it has rained on us almost all day.

It is surprising that so many boaters are out today on this very rainy day.

But we all wait for the swing bridge to open.

Again with the tiny sign.

Come on!

Once we spotted that black and white striped lighthouse, we knew we were close.

So we got settled in to our slip at Myrtle Beach Yacht Club.

We were so glad to hear that they accept transients and that this isn’t an exclusive club.

We walked next door and ate a delicious dinner at Clark’s.

We had to celebrate our 5,000 miles plus that we have accomplished so far.

The next evening, we went to the Officer’s Club onsite.

Sam felt right at home.

Reminded him of his Air Force days.

We really enjoyed our stay in Myrtle Beach.

We definitely want to come back!

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  1. Hey Sam and Rev, love your show. You two have really gotten good at telling stories and mixing it with video of your trip. Love it!!
    Sam, I think the ship that passed you, just past George Town, was either a Fleming or a Selene. Not sure….

    • Thanks Ernie! We really appreciate the kind comment. And thanks for the guesses. You can tell Sam is looking for the next boat! LOL

  2. Super video, really great job explaining how you were communicating with Rev and the dock hand and how you were docking in the cross breeze.

    • Thanks a lot, Charles! Really appreciate it.


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