#120 Yorktown, Virginia to Deltaville, Virginia

Written by The Crew

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September 16, 2020

Usually, we get up when we want to get up and then going.

We are trying to enjoy these last few trips as we head to the end of our Great Loop Journey.

So, I took a stroll around the Wormley Creek Marina.

Check out this mural of the owners’ boat.

It was a beautiful morning and the perfect day to travel.

We left the Wormley Creek Marina around 10 a.m.

Our new friends, Jeff and Ruth, took pictures of us leaving.

I usually take pictures and videos while we are leaving a marina so I’ll take care of those fenders later.

And there we go.

Ready for the next trip.

This is a very narrow channel to get out of the Wormley Creek Marina.

The water couldn’t have been better.

So calm.

On the way out we went right past that very familiar red and white tower.

When we got back out to the Chesapeake Bay, I didn’t know what to expect.

Yes, it was calm at the marina but it’s tucked back away and a very safe place.

We were pleasantly surprised at just how calm the water was this morning.

So beautiful.

There were a few random fishing boats that we dodged but not a lot of traffic out there.

As the day continued, we started seeing more boats out in the Chesapeake.

But who could have predicted this?

A house.

On the water.

They were acting like this was normal.

A guy was even sitting on the front porch!

How crazy is that?!?

And we did see a few sailboat under sail.

So you know the wind was right.

It was a beautiful, uneventful trip.

Just like we like it.

Which makes for a very enjoyable day but a boring blog post.

It wasn’t until we were docking that things got interesting.

We got to the Dozier’s Regatta Point Yachting Center.

Sam was attempting a stern in, port side tie.

As he turned around to look out the back, he pulled something in his shoulder that sent a pain across his back.

The pain was unbearable.

He couldn’t move.

We continued communicating through our headsets and somehow he backed the Here’s To Us perfectly into the narrow slip.

I honestly don’t know how he did it.

He went to lay down as I secured the lines and fenders and got us checked in.

The marina is fantastic with a lot of amenities.

Once Sam recovered, we took the courtesy car into Deltaville a couple of times.

And we have found out that because there are so many jellyfish in this area, most marinas have a swimming pool so you can cool off without fear of being stung.

Sam did take advantage of this and met some lovely people including some folks that are planning to do the Loop.

What a view, right?

We had a wonderful couple of days in Deltaville and enjoyed it very much.

Sam made a full recovery and we are ready to get back to the Loop!

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  1. What a beautiful laid back leg of your journey along America’s Great Loop! With a few years on cousin Sam I can identify with the pain he experienced. Glad the recovery was quick.

    • It was really beautiful!


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