#123 Annapolis, Maryland to Pasadena, Maryland

Written by The Crew

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October 7, 2020

When it was time to leave the Annapolis Maryland Capital Yacht Center, we had to squeeze out of the slip.

And then watch the turn to follow the way out.

It is so tight!

We enjoyed our time in Annapolis but we were ready to move on.

We are planning a surprise.

We booked a month long stay at the Maryland Yacht Club in Pasadena, Maryland.

They are going to let us get in early on July 31st.

There is going to be a Silverton Rendezvous for those boat owners and our friends from Cutter Marina will be attending.

We told them we are staying in Annapolis but we are really planning to get there early and surprise them.

So, here we go.

Leaving the marina is an incredible view, even with the cloudy weather.

The United States Naval Academy is right across the water.

We could see it from our slip.

This is a bustling area and exciting to see the boats on the water and all the training activities around.

The radio on Channel 16 has never been so busy!

As Sam maneuvered us around, we could see training ships lined up waiting for action.

Ready for naval academy students to learn.

And of course, there were sailboats!

Seems like they were always around.

Right past the training area, we saw the Chesapeake Bay Bridge waiting for us.

We saw it in the distance as we made the turn to stay in Annapolis.

Today, we get to go under it.

This is our last bridge that we will go under on our Great Loop Journey.

Bridges have really been a highlight for me on this trip.

All so different.

Different heights.

Different lengths.

Different designs.

And there is nothing like going under them!

I love the perspective from under there.

There were also some really incredible light houses along this trip.

These have been different and unique as well.

Today, the weather is a bit drizzly.

It’s a short two hour ride over to Pasadena but still.

I don’t like to travel in the rain.

Too soggy for me.

But today is not about me.

We are moving for the surprise!

When we saw the White Rocks Island, we knew it was time to turn and go into the channel to the Maryland Yacht Club.

There was a plant also on the right.

It looks very mysterious in the foggy weather.

I was so ready to get there.

Ready to get out of the rain.

Of course, we had to plow through a sailboat school because those are everywhere.

And is was more creeping instead of plowing but whatever.

But we made it in and got tied down before the big surprise.

Sam and I were outside eating lunch at the marina’s patio restaurant, when he spotted our friend’s boat, Nev’r Say Nev’r heading toward the marina.

We carried the rest of our lunch to our boat and got in position.

We hid behind a boat until they docked so we wouldn’t be a distraction.

Then, we popped out!

Boy, were they surprised!

It worked!

We pulled it off.

I wish I had a picture of their faces but this one will have to do.

Sam and I crashed the Silverton Rendezvous dinner with Deb and Jeff along with their friends, Debbie and Chris.

The Silverton Rendezvous crew couldn’t have been nicer and more welcoming.

We had a fantastic weekend with them.

Extended Stay

We planned to keep the Here’s To Us at the Maryland Yacht Club for the entire month of August.

That helped us go home for the 6th time during our Great Loop Journey to take care of our medical appointments and see family.

Maryland Yacht Club has a lot of amenities including a pool, a snack bar, and Friday night dinners.

This is a yacht club that accepts transients and we were grateful for that.

The monthly rate was very reasonable and we thought this was a good location to keep our boat for a month while we catch up on a few boat projects and then fly home.

New Friends and Looper Reunion

Once we got back to MYC after being in Texas, we were invited by Foster and Tracey, folks that found us on YouTube, to their home and prepared a fantastic dinner for us.

Their backyard was like an oasis.

Also, Peter and Diana, who live in the area and started to follow us after our first video (how anyone would after that, amazes me – LOL), treated us to dinner at Stoney Creek Inn.

I had crab legs and got it all over me.

So worth it!

We also were reunited with our friends from Idyll Time III who we traveled with in Canada and down the rivers.

They live in the area and are now gold loopers!

What a treat to make new friends and be reunited with others along the way!

One More Trip

We can see the end.

There is only one more trip to make until we cross our wake.

It’s hard to describe all the feelings right now of finally seeing the finish line.

We are excited.

We are nostalgic.

We are soon to be Gold Loopers!

Our Thoughts

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  1. Enjoyed the trip from Annapolis to Pasadena and am looking forward to your crossing your wake. The video of your fresh crab was a reminder that we have all gone thru. You are in the perfect area for fresh seafood. They also make the best crab cakes. all so fresh. Enjoy.

    • Thank you, Buck! We really enjoyed ourselves there in Maryland.

  2. When I watched your first video I didn’t have a clue that I would be looking forward to your next 122 videos!
    I’m on the upper Mississippi River and it’s so much different boating in this area compared to watching your trip. I’ve never heard anyone calling to the tows about passing much less the hundreds of pleasure craft. No crab pots but we have to pay attention to the navigational channel markers closely. More so this year as our stage is the lowest it’s been in years.

    Enjoy your trip home…wait! You sold your home! 🤭

    • Thanks for coming along on this trip with us, Brian! I hope you will stay tuned for our Platinum Loop. We have been amazed at just how different each area has been all around the loop. We just put the boat in storage on Monday (today is Saturday) and we are already feeling weird. We’ll see how it goes. Stay safe and healthy out there!


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