#125 Essex, Maryland to Chesapeake City, Maryland

Starting Our Platinum Loop

Written by The Crew

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February 15, 2021

Well, we did it!

We traveled around America’s Great Loop and finished on August 30, 2020!

There was a relatively small celebration because, you know, Rona, but it was perfect!

As members of the Americas Great Loop Cruisers Association (AGLCA), we flew the white AGLCA burgee to show we were “In Process” of doing the loop.

Once we crossed our wake (the point where we started the loop), we earned the right to fly the gold AGLCA burgee.

Posing for this picture, we were already hungry to get our platinum burgee.

Few have earned gold.

Even fewer have the platinum.

Moving On – Leaving Essex, Maryland

We rested at Cutter Marina in Essex, Maryland (North Baltimore) for 2 nights.

Two nights?!?

Yes, that’s right.

We were ready to begin our Platinum Loop.

Platinum Loop on the Here’s To Us!!

Only about 120 boats completed the Great Loop during the 2019-2020 boating season.

The average is usually 150.

As we were closing the gap on finishing our gold loop, we decided to go around again.

I wanted to get a new boat but Sam wanted to keep the Here’s To Us!!

We decided to keep our boat and almost immediately started again.

We just couldn’t find a good replacement for our 1999 Carver 504 that we both liked.

Day 1 is Trip #125

So, on September 2, 2020, we left the marina we couldn’t wait to get back to knowing that we would be celebrating finishing our second loop here someday.

Our destination for trip #125 is the Chesapeake Inn at Chesapeake City, Maryland.

Now, this is the same destination that we had when we left on our gold loop.

However, the last time we stayed on the free wall in Chesapeake City, but this time we decided to stay at the Chesapeake Inn and Resort.

Same place. Different stay.

Hear all about it here:

Chesapeake Inn & Resort

Have you ever been to the Chesapeake Inn & Resort in Chesapeake City, Maryland?

What was your experience?

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  1. We recently received our white “in process” burgee. I’m a pretty positive kind of guy but after talking at length with my wife, I have a feeling I’ll be buried with it.

    Totally understand why a person wouldn’t switch boats. It takes a lot to set one up they way a person wants it. Money and time…unless a person buys new. That’s where we are at. Wife doesn’t want stairs. That puts us in a houseboat and I’m not interested in those.

    • Well, Brian, try to keep hope alive! Put that burgee somewhere to remind her just how much you want to go. Maybe her car antenna?

      • I already bought her your shirt that says “living my husband dream”. 🙂

        • You might be in trouble.


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