#17 Bath, ON to Trenton, ON Canada

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July 21, 2019

We pulled out of Loyalist Cove Marina at 6:30 a.m.

There was little wind as Sam maneuvered out of the marina.

However, a sailboat decided to anchor at the end of the docks so there was that.

Otherwise, very smooth.

Our Zig Zag Journey

We headed down the Bay of Quint into the Adolphus Reach. Then, north to Long Reach and took a western turn to continue down the Bay of Quint.

The Here’s To Us!! cruised along at a comfortable 12 miles per hour.

Another beautiful day in Canada with our courtesy flag flying alongside our America’s Great Loop Cruiser’s Association burgee.

We decided to head to Trenton, Ontario, so we could be closer to start the Trent-Severen Waterway next week.

On our way, we saw several sailboats.

There was even a sailing school and kids in dinghies.

It was a lot to cruise around.

We also ran into some bridge construction that was a bit confusing until we got right upon it.

There was a small sign hanging from the top that directed the boat traffic.

I know this has a lot to do with our inexperience.

Knowing where to look for what information.

But we are getting better.

Trent Port Marina

We had heard from the Great Loop Facebook group and at the 2019 Spring Rendezvous how nice the Trent Port Marina is.

They did not lie.

I couldn’t imagine why they went on and on about how nice the showers were.

Until I saw the showers.


They are nice.

Plus, they have free laundry.


Have you ever heard of such a thing???

We washed our clothes, our towels, and our sheets.

That is reason enough to stay here!

Location, Location, Location

Another great thing about this marina is that it is located right in town.

It is an easy walk to EVERYTHING.

Grocery store, outlet grocery store, clinic, banks, bars, restaurants, etc.

We decided to stay here for three nights and get a good plan before tackling the Trent-Severen.

The afternoon that we arrived, the town had a sidewalk festival so of course, we had to check it out.

There was a big band music festival that night.

And if that wasn’t enough, they had a fireworks show back at the marina.

We had the perfect view from patio chairs in the cockpit aka outdoor patio of our boat.

It’s like they were really excited that we were there!

Harbor Hosts

Sam went over to meet Eric and Karen Martin, the Harbor Hosts for Trent Port Marina and they invited us over for docktails on their boat.

What a treat to get to socialize with them.

They have put together a booklet that will help us go through the Trent-Severen Waterways.

It has detailed information for the locks, bridges, and stops.

We used it to plan our next trip.

Our Thoughts

Our Trip

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  1. So, how do you reply to “so you have a 50 foot boat, no?”??

    • Sam said, “Yes, my boat is 50 feet.” They obviously understood because we were charged for 50 feet!


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