#19 Frankford, ON to Campbellford, ON Canada

Written by The Crew

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July 25, 2019

We decided to get an early start and leave Frankford around 7:45 a.m.


That’s early for us these days.

Lock 7 opened at 9:00 and we were trying to get a jump on the day.

As we were underway, we noticed that those red and green channel markers seemed really close together.

Oh yes.

They are very close together!

We made it through and approached Lock 7.

There was a boat ahead of us waiting on the blue line (on the right) for the lock to open.

We ended up going through Locks 7-11 with Rhapsody II from Peterborough, ON.

A couple of the locks had swing bridges right next to them.

So after we rose to street level in the lock, they swung the bridge over so we could get through.

It was interesting to be on the water and have cars waiting on both sides for us to pass.

Narrow Channel

In some parts of this area, the channel is quite narrow but Sam did an excellent job of staying in the middle in the deepwater so we could make it through.

Along the Way

We saw a couple of swans looking majestic in the water.

So peaceful.

Locks 11 and 12

The picture below doesn’t begin to capture the mind-numbing, “oh no, I can’t believe it!” feelings of approaching Locks 11 and 12.

It’s a double lock.

You go into Lock 11 and see about halfway up is another lock gate spewing water.

It’s a little intimidating.

After we rose 24 feet in Lock 11, Lock 12’s gate opened and we entered.

Lock 12 took us up another 24 feet.

After Lock 12, we traveled down the most relaxing channel into Campbellford.

We tied up along the Campbellford Chamber of Commerce’s wall and hooked up to power.

They have a stay 2 nights – get the third-night free special so that’s what we are planning to do.


The stay in Campbellford, Ontario has been really nice.

It was quite a treat waking up to this in late July.

There has been plenty to see and do within walking distance.

Toonie Monument

Sam even got a haircut.

We heard about award-winning cheese, a “stand in line and wait” worthy bakery, and a chocolate outlet.

The cheese factory was too far to walk, however, there was a grocery store that carried their cheese so I was able to pick up a carmelized onion white cheese.


Sam and I also visited Dooher’s bakery and I had a pizza bagel with garlic and herb cream cheese.

I think I’ll be dreaming of that long after I return to the States.

We also got a bakery favorite which was a cream-filled donut.

This is the treat that people stand in a line out the door for.

We just happened to be there at a good time and didn’t have to wait long at all.

As soon as I walked up to the World’s Finest Chocolate Factory something felt eerily familiar.

Then I walked inside and found out why.

If you worked in Education in Texas or had kids in school, you are very familiar with the World’s Finest chocolate bar fundraising racket.

I don’t want to tell you how many dollars I spent on those bars but let’s just say that I did my part to fund playground equipment and field trips and class parties.

Docktail Highlight

But definitely one of the highlights of this stop has been meeting other Loopers.

We invited all the boats parked on our side over for happy hour.

This is the most we have hosted on the Here’s To Us!! and it was a fun time.

Cheers to our new friends!

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  1. Sounds like you are both back in the groove and having a great time! Did you know that the toonie is the only place you will see The Queen with a bear behind? We had 103 degrees here in North central California. Makes us want to go right back to Oregon!

    • I did not know that! Yes, I would say definitely turn that car around!!!


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