#24 Bobcaygeon, ON to Rosedale, ON Canada

Written by The Crew

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August 1, 2019

Bobcaygeon is a cute little town that you have to stop at if you are doing the loop.

They sell a lot of shoes here.

I don’t know why.

I have never seen a town with more shoes for sale.

I bought a bracelet.

Locks Open at 9

To get in the queue and leave when the lock opened at 9, we swing the ole girl around and parked behind Carpe Diem on the blue line.

Little did we know when we entered that lock, all the drama that would take place.

There was a small boat that was right behind us and it seemed they were out of control from the beginning.

As the water started to rise, their boat came close to our dinghy.

Sam, the Warrior, armed with only a boat hook, fought them off with all his might.

And was victorious.

No punctures in the dinghy.

We followed Carpe Diem out of the lock and enjoyed the beautiful morning.

Another looper boat, Idyll Time III, was also in the lock but we noticed that they weren’t behind us.


We kept going and no Idyll Time III.

Later, we found out that little boat had lost some swim toys, noodles, life jackets and more.

They had to fish all that stuff out of the lock before anyone could leave.

What an interesting start to the morning.

Fenelon Falls

We were heading to Fenelon Falls.

Last night at Docktails, we met the Harbor Hosts, Pam and Gary.

They own a store in Fenelon Falls that we really wanted to see.

When we approached the Fenelon Falls lock we noticed that there were a few places that we could tie up our boat, get out and explore the town.

Did we?


We went through the lock to get one of the “better” parking places.

You can probably guess what happened.

No more spots.

So on we went.

To Rosedale, Lock 35

We went through the lock at Bobcaygeon and another at Fenelon Falls.

When that destination didn’t work out, we pressed on to Lock 35 at Rosedale.

On the way, we saw beautiful houses aka cottages and a few more seaplanes.

I wasn’t particularly that excited about staying at a lock wall without power but what choice did I have?

There wasn’t a lot of options.

So, right after we went through the third lock of the day, we docked on the wall.

Shockingly Serene

I can’t say enough about our experience at this stop.

We met some fantastic people.

It was quiet.

It was serene.

And it had phenomenal wifi!

I have struggled to get good connections to keep up with this blog and our YouTube channel while on this trip.

Especially in Canada.

But this was the place to relax and write and video.

Early morning smoke on the water.

About Air Conditioning

I know when I told you earlier that this wall didn’t have power, some of you were concerned for me.

And with good reason.

But the weather was really mild.

Nothing like the scorching temperatures of earlier days.

The night air was cooler AND my Dyson personal fan worked great all night without pulling too much from the inverter.

So, if the conditions are just right, I can rough it.

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  1. Roughing it with a Dyson Personal Fan, you crack me up Rev!

    • Ha! I knew you’d like that one. LOL

  2. Hi Rev & Sam,
    Love the islands with cottages & houses. Really looks similar to the Thousand Islands with some large islands with Mansions, some nice size homes & some cute cottages. And a lot them do have sea planes probably for a quick getaway. So beautiful. Really enjoying the scenery.
    I wanted to know what the qualifications for an island was to be counted.. Our guide (for the Thousand Islands) told us, it must have an area of at least one square foot above water throughout the year and support a minimum of two living trees.
    Rev, Loved the personal fan comment, a girl after my own heart, I cracked up when you went to Walmart & bought a personal O2 Fan, We have a couple of Treva 10 inch (Like Ed’s, size matters….lol ) that also have an AC adapter or runs on batteries. Haven’t used it much on batteries but does come in handy outside to keep the bugs at bay. I don’t rough it in the RV, we glamp.
    Love the videos going through the locks. You are handling them like a pro.

    • Yes! Glamping is the way to go.
      Who knew there were so many different kinds of O2Cool fans?!?
      Thanks for sharing the info about what makes an island an island. I had no idea. It makes sense that someone from Thousand Islands would know!
      I have four more locks to go to get out of the Trent Severn Waterway. Can’t wait to be done with them for a while!
      So glad you are coming along with us on this journey.

  3. Lol I had no idea either… not much leg room on them initially but islands have to form somehow & need vegetation. Kind of like the mangroves in the Keys, but they are really hardy & rise up despite the tide.
    Be careful rocking those locks, it sounds like there are some pretty narrow channels where you are heading with stumps. Hope you video the Kirkwood Lock & I am sure you will be glad to see “Hole in the Wall”.
    You will earn all those docktails today. Cheers.

    PS. We were just in Huntington, WV, Tri-City area on the Ohio River. Ironton Ohio on the other side of the river, Ashland KY down the river. So funny that you can cross a bridge & be in a different state.

    • Yes, I put up a video of going through the Kirkfield Lift Lock. We went through those narrow passageways and it was pretty tense but Sam did great!
      Crossing a bridge to get to another state is awesome. We do that every time we go from Texas to Oklahoma to visit my family. It’s cool!


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