#26 Orillia, ON to Big Chute, ON Canada

Written by The Crew

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August 7, 2019

We left the Port of Orillia Marina about 7:15 a.m.

On a Sunday.

On a Canadian three day holiday.

We are officially nuts.

Belgian Waffle Sunday

A while back, I told you that I had declared Sunday, Belgian Waffle Sunday because my sister got me a waffle iron and thought it should live onboard.

Since we left early, I certainly wasn’t going to get up earlier just to make waffles.

Out of the blue, after we were well underway, Sam suggested that I make Belgian Waffles.

Oh yeah!

How exciting!

Cooking while moving.


Easy Like Sunday Morning

After breakfast, we cruised along and our path led us to a channel.

A peaceful channel.

I saw the fisherman on the right pull out a two-foot fish.

I have no reason to exaggerate.

It was really big.

Then, the Bridge…

We had planned to be at the first lock by 9:00 a.m. when it opened.

But then we came to this.

There’s no getting under that!

We had to wait for the worker to come out of the little grey house on the left (out of view).

He walked across the bridge and halfway up the stairs to the little house on the top right when he remembered that he forgot the keys.

So we watched him walk back down the stairs, across the bridge, and to the little grey house and then back again.

Another exercise in patience.

Only Two Locks

It was a beautiful day and even better because there were only two locks.

We went through Lock 42 (Couchiching) and Lock 43 (Swift Rapids).

Two today and two tomorrow.

The end of the locks is near.

Narrow Channels

The cruise today included narrow channels but incredibly stunning scenery.

I don’t think I have ever seen as many wooden boats anywhere.

The channel is lined with cottages, boats, and vacationers.

Sam’s Boating Idol

When we were waiting to get into the first lock, we met a family on jet skis.

Darcy told us that we would be passing the guy who has the YouTube channel, Boating with Boogaboo.

That’s all Sam needed to hear.

The rest of the time he focused on finding him.

Yes, he navigated the boat but the primary focus was on mission: Locate Boogaboo.

And he did.

They had just come through Lock 43 and were parking over on the side.

And yes, Sam was excited.

He called out to them and chit-chatted for a bit.

And took pictures.

Meanwhile, I am all systems go trying to get ready for the lock.

I try to remain calm (not my normal state) while watching the front of our boat veering right.

Where the wall is.

I had to get fan boy’s attention.


That’s where the “marriage saver” headsets come in handy.

More Incredible Scenery

We keep hearing how lovely the area is after the Trent Severn Waterway but this country is incredibly beautiful.

A bridge we could fit under!
A house on an island. How cool is that?
Sam spotted a white bear so I had to take a picture. Do you see it?

Big Chute Marina

We got to Big Chute Marina and planned to stay one night.

The real attraction is the Big Chute Railway (Lock 44) which we plan on doing tomorrow.

Sam checking out the Big Chute Railway from where we were docked at Big Chute Marina.

We walked over to check it out.


They take boats right out of the water and move them across the road.

We will conquer you tomorrow, Big Chute!

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  1. I got so tickled at your “fan boy” comment! By the way what happened at the bridge you didn’t fit under – do they lift part of it up?? Looking forward to the Big Chute lock video!

    • They swing it over to the side. Watch our video of the trip from Orilla to Big Chute. It shows us going under/around that bridge. Hopefully, that video is coming today!

  2. Glad you got to have Belgium Waffles Rev! Too funny to hear that Sam was ” Fan Boying” & got to exchange pleasantries with Boogaboo & Anchor Girl while Rev was watching & redirecting Sam so you didn’t drift into the wall… Lol Beautiful scenery!
    Looking forward to seeing them move your boat over Big Chute. Smooth Moving/Sailing & Cheers!

    • Thanks, Patti! We were glad we got to have our Sunday breakfast and making it underway was so weird. It is really beautiful here. The locks were my least favorite part of this but they did bring us to a beautiful country so I guess they aren’t all bad!

  3. Been past many swing bridges on LST 325. They never cease to fascinate me. Great post, we enjoy coming along. The next leg should be super exciting!

    • Oh yes! Very exciting. Those swing bridges are really something.

  4. Glad to see that your visit through our lovely Trent Severn Waterway went well! Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your Loop Cruise ?
    Cheers, The Boogaboo Crew.

    • Oh my! I’m not sure that Sam will get any sleep tonight knowing that you left a comment on our blog.
      Thanks for welcoming us into your country and safe travels to you!

        • Oh wow! Sam’s really NOT going to sleep tonight. Thanks for commenting, Your Greatness.


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