#27 Big Chute, ON to Midland, ON Canada

Written by The Crew

Rev writes all the posts as "The Crew" at What Yacht To Do. It's just part of the First Mate duties. That list just keeps growing...

August 8, 2019

Today is the day!

We are ready for the Big Chute Railway.

We had watched several boats go into it.

Out of the water.

Up and over.

And down the other side.

Back into the water.

The Last Lock

After that incredible experience, we started cruising again.

Making our way to Lock 45.


It was a glorious day.

Do you hear those angels singing?

Into The Georgian Bay

Right after moving through the lock, the Georgian Bay begins.

And it’s confusing.

The red markers now are on the right.

The channel is narrow.

There is a lot of water but we can’t venture off the channel.

Then the red markers switch to the left.

It was like some kind of crazy maze.

But we made it through.

Then, we started seeing something that we hadn’t seen in weeks.

A Good Sign


Sailboats can go through the Trent Severn Waterway but they have to take their masts down.

Too many bridges and underpasses that make it impossible.

Once we started seeing sailboats really sailing, I knew we were done, really done, with the locks.

Bay Port Marina

Bay Port Marina is in Midland, ON.

It’s the perfect place to recover, fuel up, pump out, or get your boat fixed.

They do it all.

They also surprised us with an incredible treat.

Ken MacDonald, the General Manager of the Marina and his wife, Marlaine gave loopers a wine and cheese information session about the best way to leave here and see the Georgian Bay and the North Channel.

We had our maps out and got them marked.

We are ready for our next adventure.

Settling In

Once we got into our slip and had a glass of wine in hand, we just couldn’t stop watching those sailboats.

We are grateful.

Our Thoughts

Our Trip

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  1. Yay!!! Docktails to you both!!!
    Lady Lock Lover does not love Locks! Rev you must be ecstatic
    So cool, I can’t wait to see the separate video
    Now onto Anchoring… Lots of boats anchor off the Keys & live in their boats..
    One question that I keep forgetting to ask: On your home page of your blog, who is on the front of the boat?
    Looks like someone is sunbathing… I will leave it at that. LOL
    Cheers to the next 1,000 miles!

    • I am beyond words that there are no more locks for awhile! Yay!!!
      We don’t know how to anchor yet but we are getting ready to jump into it. Pray for us.
      That picture was on the website when the previous owners were trying to sell. I have NO idea who is sunbathing but it was the only picture that I had of the boat when I started this website.
      Now you know the rest of the story…

      • If you know me, you would know that I would notice things like that….lol
        Yeah sure Rev, we believe it was not you…
        Anchors away & Docktail Cheers to no more locks for a while & smooth sailing!

        • Attention to detail. I like it!


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