#28 Midland, ON to Frying Pan Island, ON Canada

Written by The Crew

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August 12, 2019

I feel like I have survived some sort of twisted Looper initiation.

We should not have gone out today.

But we did.

With two other boats.

How Did This Happen?

We spent four nights at Bay Port Marina.

And it was fantastic.

We teamed up with two other boats and decided to leave on Friday and head to Frying Pan Island.

Home of Henry’s Fish Restaurant.

We were told that the scenery of the Georgian Bay is picturesque and would be a highlight of our great loop adventure.

I was excited!

At dinner with several loopers the night before, I heard one of them say that they weren’t going because of the wind.


Why are WE going?

Because we had planned to go, that’s why.

We had our charts marked, we fueled up, pumped out and the time had come.

Leaving the town of Midland, ON

No Locks

I was also looking forward to this trip because this would be the first day in a very long time that we did not have to go through any locks.


Bring on the pleasure boating!!!

Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria

Now those are not the names of our boats, but they could be.

Somehow this turned into an adventure of the unknown.

We had not gotten very far before we started seeing white caps.

Then, waves started crashing upon the bow.

I was having trouble staying in my seat kind of waters.

The channel markers were out there directing us which way to go.

But it was just so hard to see them with the 24-knot wind and the 3-4 foot waves blowing on the windshield.

Those wipers were wiping like there was no tomorrow.

And I’m a really big fan of there being a tomorrow!

It was a four-hour agonizing ride.

During one of those horrific waves, there was a crash downstairs.

Yes, that’s right, I had forgotten to bungee the refrigerator and freezer doors shut.

Kosher pickle spears, minced garlic, hamburger pickles, a box of donuts, and a bottle of champagne all worked their way out of the refrigerator and onto the galley floor.

Miraculously, only the kosher pickles didn’t make it and the glass jar shattered.

We now have a faint pickle-flavored air freshener scent throughout our salon.

Henry’s Fish Camp

We finally made it to Henry’s and not only is it a restaurant but also a marina.

With power.


This day is finally turning around.

They spray Vinegar on their fries.

Also, we had the best fish and chips I have ever tasted.

We learned a lot today.

About how we handle intense situations.

About the importance of securing items and following the checklist.

About my ability to make up new cuss words.

But the greatest lesson of today?


The fish and chips will be there.

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  1. 25Kt Wind. I say the Yacht needed the test so that you know what to expect. Keep on Rocking to your next destination. I look forward to seeing what sightseeing you have as you visit the towns along the way!
    By the way, they should be using Malt Vinegar on the Fish & Chips. Just saying!
    We are off tomorrow on our Viking River Trip – Amsterdam to Budapest

    • And what a test it was!!! Have fun on your trip.

  2. WOW, 4-5 hours in 3-4 foot seas! That must have been a white knuckle ride. You two have a penchant for new adventures. I had a lot of chuckles, laughing with you. I know the open fridge door trick from RV trips!! And when you can cuss like a sailor you just might be a sailor!!!

    • Then I am definitely a sailor!!! LOL

  3. Oh gosh Rev… I was almost sea sick & thought I needed a Dramamine watching the video …lol I get seasick on occasion. Yikes.
    Never had the fridge door problem, there are these spring tension rods that I have used from the time we bought our RV in the fridge. Not expensive & work to keep your beer, wine & champagne safe (so important!!!). Amazon has them, look for “Cupboard Bars Adjustable Spring Tension Rods White Refrigerator Bar Extendable Rod”, they come in different sizes for your fridge or even cupboards. That is where I had problems with one cupboard & serving dishes flying out . I think Walmart may even have them if it is well stocked in the RV aisle.
    Beautiful sunset picture made the rough seas all worth it.
    Sam had a sweatshirt & jacket on. Hope it is not getting cold there, just windy.
    Smooth sailing & Cheers!

    • Pretty crazy ride, right?!?
      Well, I’ll just have to check out those rods! Thanks for that info.
      We are cold and hot every day. Wearing a jacket in August is definitely new to us. But we’ll take it!

    • Thanks!!!


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