#29 Frying Pan Island, ON to Parry Sound, ON Canada

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August 13, 2019

We left that morning after checking the weather multiple times ensuring that we did not have a repeat of yesterday’s trip.

Yesterday was the worst day we have had on the loop traveling.

We don’t want to do that again!

There are a lot of rocks in the area.

They call it the 30,000 islands.

And if you count all those little rock formations, I guess there are that many!

High Water

The water is much higher than normal and in some places, it’s easy to see.

With docks underwater and parts of homes and buildings, I’m sure they would like a little relief.

Easy Like Saturday Morning

Even though it was Saturday, it was a relatively calm-ish day out there.

There were a few boats and jet skis but nothing like we have seen on other weekends.

But we are still seeing narrow channels in the midst of all the rock formations.

Sam steers us around these markers with finesse.

Like he’s been boating his entire life.

Spring Bridge

There was a really cool spring bridge on the way to Parry Sound.

However, it is only open for 15 minutes each hour on the hour.

We arrived about 20 minutes before 11:00 a.m. and got ready for the window (11:00 to 11:15).

It was really impressive to see the bridge open and various sizes of boats pass through.

Whiskey Business going through the spring bridge. Idyll Time III is right behind them.

Parry Sound, ON

We decided to stay at Big Sound Marina in Parry Sound.

We took a walk around town and went to a farmer’s market, visited stores, and went to eat at Wellington’s.

It’s a really great town to get a few things and they do have a taxi service from the marina in case you need to go to the grocery store.

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