#33 Bustard Islands, ON to Killarney, ON Canada

Written by The Crew

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August 20, 2019

There we were.

The three of us.

All rafted up together.

We spent the night circling around but all it did was put me to sleep.

We left the next morning and headed to Killarney.

There were about five of us leaving that perfect anchoring spot at the same time.

Trouble Out There

Whisky Business was having a medical challenge.

We found ourselves in the middle of nowhere close to anything.

So we moved on.

Sam led the pack and programed the path.

We hadn’t gotten very far when Idyll Time III reported an engine out and after further investigation found a major oil leak.

Fortunately, they have two engines and moved on with the functioning one.

We slowed way down to stay together.

Out on the Open Water

The day was beautiful as we made our slow journey across the Georgian Bay.

As we got closer, the view was stunning as the landscape changed.

Out in the distance, we could see mountains.

We continued to play find the green/red marker through the binoculars until we found the channel and cut over to Killarney.

We made it to Roque’s Marina by early afternoon.


We found out from Ken at Bay Port Marina in Midland that the creator of CarFax.com is from Killarney.

He sold that website and has put a lot of money back into this area.

Sam and I took a stroll this afternoon and camped out in the bar at the Sportsman’s Inn Resort.

Finding good Internet has been a challenge since we’ve been in Canada so we were on a hunt.

We got a drink and enjoyed fast wifi and even met up with other Loopers.

The Band is Breaking Up

All good things must come to an end.

Whisky Business is flying home.

Idyll Time III is going to a marina to get their engine fixed.

We are moving on.

We really enjoyed traveling with these other two boats.

They were patient as we learned how to anchor for the first time.

They waited as we had to go back to the boat after Sam jumped into the dinghy and took off without his shoes.

We shared delicious meals, drinks, and laughs.

Thank you, Jerry, Deb, Dan, and Janet for a fun-filled, unpredictable, crazy part of this journey!

Good luck to you all.

Keep in touch!

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