#36 Little Current, ON to Gore Bay, ON Canada

Written by The Crew

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August 20, 2019

Some mornings we love sleeping in.

Others, we are ready to go.

This morning we were prepared to say goodbye to Little Current and hello to Gore Bay.

We got up at six and were going to leave at seven.

Only a three-hour tour.

So, we peer out at about 6:45.

It looks like we are going nowhere.

There is heavy fog all around us.


The Cruise

We ended up leaving about 8:15 since the visibility was a little better.

You can tell it’s better, right?
A little better?

We just couldn’t wait anymore.

Sun is starting to burn the fog.

Once we got back out into the North Channel, the sun started to shine.

A very welcome sight!

Even though it was a Sunday morning, there was very little traffic out.

We saw a few powerboats, a sailboat, and even a seaplane.

Just not a lot.

The Entertainment

At 9:00 a.m. on VHF Channel 71, the Little Current Yacht Club provides a weather, news and roll call for boats in the North Channel.

It is hosted by Roy Eaton.

He actually broadcasts from the Anchor Inn Restaurant where we had eaten the day before.

Sam called in the Here’s To Us!! for the roll call.

It was a real treat to hear Roy and also from some of the boaters that know and where they were located.

A Windy Entrance

We wanted to get to Gore Bay early because the wind was supposed to be gusty in the afternoon with storms possible in the evening.

While we had a beautiful day cruising with little wind, once we got closer to the Gore Bay Marina, the wind started to blow.


I am always impressed by the way that Sam handles such a large boat and put it into a small slip when the wind wants to turn it into a sailboat and take it away.

He did it again.

Right in.

So smooth.

Gore Bay, Ontario

When we got to our slip, the crew of Endeavor was there to help along with the dockhands.

They had helped us at the Little Current docks and here they were again!

Boaters are the best.

We have really enjoyed Gore Bay.

There is so much to do within walking distance.

Split Rail Brewing Company is close by with a pizza truck out front.

I used wifi at Loco Beanz Coffee house and the public library.

There is also a grocery store and a liquor store right in town.

We went to Buoy’s for dinner with Endeavor.

Is that a great name for a restaurant or what?!?
Tha Pavillion
Gore Bay Marina
Gore Bay Marina
Gore Bay Marina

How You Can See the North Channel

If you are interested in seeing the North Channel by boat all you have to do is get to the Gore Bay Marina.

Right next door at the Canadian Yacht Charters, you can rent a boat and visit the places that we’ve been talking about and showing you.

Get a taste of what doing the Great Loop is like.

How fun would that be?

Our Thoughts

Our Trip

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