#37 Gore Bay, ON to Aikens Island, ON Canada

Written by The Crew

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August 22, 2019

Yesterday afternoon we had planned to go from our slip at Gore Bay Marina all the way to De Tour Village in Michigan.

That’s right, folks.

We were planning on making the long seven-hour trek back to our homeland.

I noticed that Sam had been moping a lot but sometimes he looks like that when he is focused on something.

We have been watching the Unabomber series on Netflix (downloaded the episodes so we can watch without Internet) and later that evening we finished it off at about 9:30.

After we turned it off, he said, “I’m not ready to go back to the US.”


“Well, you’re the one making the schedule, so do what you want.”

We took out the calendar and decided to stay in Canada and do a few more anchorages and see what happens.

You know.

Fly by the seat of our pants.

It’s fun to see a person who plans out everything, change his plans just for fun.

Another Anchoring

So, we headed out of Gore Bay and took a two-hour cruise over to Aikens Island.

The water in the North Channel was flat and even at our slow cruising pace, it seemed to fly by.

I took a nap.

I mean, it was relaxing!

The Perfect Spot

Sam had picked out an anchoring spot and programmed the Garmin.

We saw a few sailboats in a peaceful place and started turning toward the place but soon found out that our anchoring spot was a little to the right in a different cove.

There are no other boats here.

Sam moved over to a place so we could be protected from the wind.

We dropped the anchor and waited a while to see if we were being dragged.


And waited.

With so little wind, it’s hard to make the chart plotter smile.

We’re so new at this anchoring thing that I’m not really sure if we are doing it right.

Sam does not share my concern at all.

He is confident.

I am glad.

I’m also glad that no one else is in our anchoring spot. LOL.

Dinghy Ride

We decided to practice driving our dinghy around.

Since we were alone.

We don’t really need an audience for that show right now!

We’ve been out in the dinghy twice.

The first time Sam hit a big, green piling.

The second time, he hit the dock when we were trying to leave a restaurant.

This would be the third time out.

We have yet to master the ease of getting on and off of it.

Looks more like the circus came to town.

So, out we go.

I can honestly say that Sam is getting better.

We didn’t hit anything.

But there really wasn’t anything to hit.


Yeah, I’m going to believe that he is getting better.

I did get some great pictures of our boat anchored out so taking the ride was totally worth it.

Only One Thing Left To Do


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  1. Great Post Rev. I’m glad you guys Decided to stay a few more days in Canada.

    • Hey thanks, you two! We just weren’t ready to leave.

  2. Right on, relaxing is a worthwhile endeavor! It is HOT here in Chattanooga. Wish I was in Canada about now.

    • I hate to tell you this but I have had to wear a jacket the last few days. It’s a little chilly for me!

  3. This is when we need teleportation, I’d join you for some peace on the water. You are so lucky to experience true relaxation. Enjoy these days and the memories you are building, they will last a long time! Be safe!

    • It was worth coming on this trip just for today. Such peace.


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