#42 De Tour Village, MI to Petoskey, MI

Written by The Crew

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August 27, 2019

We got up at 5:45 a.m. to leave Detour Harbor Marina by 6:30.

We had decided to travel with fellow loopers on About Time.

The plan was to go on a 100-mile journey from De Tour Village bypass Mackinac Island and get to Petoskey, Michigan.

We were looking at some fierce winds coming, and we thought this would be the best place to find shelter.

So Early

I wasn’t ready to get up that early.

But there is great reward when you do.

The earth looks different.

When the sun comes up, and you’re up with it, it’s like your own personal show of beauty.

And this morning was spectacular.

Belgian Waffle Sunday

It happened again.

We were on the move and we have waffles on Sunday.

So, yes, once again I made them when we were underway.

It’s so weird cooking like that.

In a moving kitchen.

Sights Along the Way

I’ve never been up here to Northern Michigan.

The water turned a dark blue.

So beautiful.

There were unique lighthouses.

There were houses hidden in the trees on the shore.

And barges.

So many barges.

Mackinac Island

Going to Mackinac Island was something that I had been looking forward to since we started the loop.

I didn’t know anything about it but we have some friends back home that educated us.

When I found out that the weather was going to be a factor and that we couldn’t stay well, I was more than a little bummed.

But I have learned just in this short time on the loop that weather wins.

No matter what.

Weather wins.

So, Sam comforted me by offering to rent a car when we got to our destination and then drive back to see Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island.

That was good enough for me.

Seeing Mackinac Island by Boat

This part of the country is really beautiful.

I need another word to describe it because I know overuse that adjective.

But it is.

Just that.

Really, incredibly beautiful.

Once we got to Mackinac Island, we saw the Mackinac Bridge joining the island to the rest of Michigan.


Going under the bridge is humbling.

Now dodging the ferry boats is unnerving but it is so worth the trip under there.

Petoskey Marina

We finally made it after about eight hours to the marina in Petoskey.

What an incredible place.

You can walk to all kinds of stores, restaurants, and parks.

And we did.

We had dinner with About Time and then a lovely evening back on the boat.

Sam checked the weather again and decided that we needed to be moving on.

Every time we move the boat, we do a blog post and video.

I like to stay in one place for a couple or more nights.

It’s easy to get behind on posts with this kind of schedule.

However, we have an appointment to get some work done in Grand Haven so as much as I would like to stay, we gotta be moving on.

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  1. “we saw the Mackinac Bridge joining the island to the rest of Michigan”…Ummmm, silly goose. The bridge connects Michigan’s upper and lower peninsula. The only way to the island is via boat or plane (snowmobile in winter).

    • I know now! I suck at geography. ?
      Thanks for coming along with us.


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