#47 Grand Haven, Michigan to South Haven, Michigan

Written by The Crew

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September 6, 2019

After three days and an oil change, we were ready to say goodbye to Grand Haven.

Looking back at our slip by the amphitheater in Grand Haven
Looking out toward Lake Michigan

Smooth Sailing

You can probably tell already looking at the pictures that this was a beautiful day.

Strikingly beautiful.

Not only that.

But the wind and waves on Lake Michigan were minimal.

So minimal that Sam was able to do some trip planning.

Sam in his office

Over to South Haven

Yes, the cruise was perfect.

The water was a beautiful blue-green.

It almost looks like we are in the Caribbean at times.

The channel markers in this part of the country are so stunning.


But that’s when you know.

You’re almost there.

Time to enjoy another port.

Northside Marina

When we first arrived, they assigned a slip to us at the Southside Marina.

We docked and saw several other Loopers already there.

Just as we were getting settled, we got word that a spot had opened up for us at the Northside Marina.

We were planning to have some work done and wanted to be as accessible to the mechanic as possible so we unplugged the power and pulled the lines.

It didn’t take long before we were settled into our new slip at Northside Marina.

The staff couldn’t have been more accommodating.

Plus, we were right by the bathrooms, showers, and laundry.

So convenient.

While we were there, the action started almost immediately.

A pirate ship went by.

We also saw several sailboats go out.

Then across the channel on the other side of the Southside Marina, there was an antique tractor parade.

A Tractor Parade!!!

Around Town

South Haven is celebrating 150 years.


Pretty cool.

This gentleman opened the bridge for sailboats and bigger boats every half hour.
This is part of the bridge.
South Haven shops
Two wise guys

Incredible Flowers

As we walked around South Haven, we couldn’t help notice that the flowers, trees, and shrubs were incredibly beautiful.

Getting ready for Christmas time

Museums and History

There is so much to learn here.

If you want to.

Museums and info boards all around town.

They certainly are proud of their heritage and they don’t want anyone to forget it.


While we were in South Haven, we had an AIS (Automatic Identification System) and a TV antenna put in.

If your boat doesn’t have AIS, you will want to get it before starting the Great Loop.

We are getting ready to go through rivers and traveling with large barges that we may not see coming around the corner.

With AIS, we will see them and they will see us.

Call Goran at Quality Marine Electronics and he will get it done for you.

Our Thoughts

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  1. Looks like a great port, love the pics.Glad to hear you got the AIS installed. Greg and I made it to our home ports last evening after a long drive from LST 325’s home port of Evansville IN. Our cruise to Chattanooga TN and Decatur AL was successful. Good to be home after 4 weeks at sea! (well, at river, the Ohio, Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers)

    • Wow! Gone four weeks. That’s incredible. And a very long time to spend in tight quarters. Congrats on making it home!

  2. Wow, it looks like such a beautiful area! Love the pictures!
    Hugs to my favorite loopers! 🙂

    • Hugs right back to you, sister!

  3. I continue to be amazed, impressed, and happy you are accomplishing your goal. The flower pics are so relevant to me because my mate, in the middle of an ambush, castle tour, meeting the Chippendales, afternoon delight or any other major event, will separate herself from humanity to take pictures of flowers, flower boxes, bouquets, etc. Sweet! On to Ol Man River; the Big Muddy!!

    • Yes, we are moving on! I don’t know what it was about Michigan in the summer but the flowers just seemed so much more vibrant than I’m used to seeing. They seemed so glad to be alive. I can relate. 🙂


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