#55 Beardstown, Illinois to Hardin, Illinois

Written by The Crew

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October 2, 2019

Today is a special day for us.

It’s September 19th.

Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Leaving Beardstown

Beardstown was a quick and quirky stop.

We were tied to a towboat at Logsdon Tug Service.

It was a very industrial atmosphere.

A hot night with no power made me a little cranky but life goes on.

And it is a big holiday so I can’t stay mad for long.

Captain Sam

Sam was the leader today and lead the pack to the La Grange Lock.

This lock had also been closed but they were back open today so we couldn’t just drive over the dam side like we did the trip before in Peoria.

A towboat went in first and then several loopers followed.

There was a lot of construction going on so we got just a little preview of what will be going on at this lock next year during the closures.

River Sights

It’s hard to get bored while traveling on the river because there is always a barge or a bridge or something unique if you are new to the area.

And we are.

So every day brings new sights to see.

The industrial buildings are all individual in design and function.

And I certainly have no idea what goes on inside.

I just enjoy the show.

Houses on stilts. Cool. I’m sure this is very helpful during flooding.

Mel’s Riverdock Restaurant

You can tell by looking at the pictures of the day that it was a long one.

Another 60-mile day.

And blazing hot again at a dock with no power and no wifi.

This is getting old.

Mel who owns the place was surprised that his dock was still there after the recent flooding.

It is there but in poor condition.

There were still piles of sandbags in the parking lot of the restaurant.

It cost $25 to dock there regardless of the length of the boat.

The restaurant is family-owned and operated.

The food is delicious.

The best part about Mel’s was that we got carded.


That’s right.

Now, it’s our favorite restaurant!

It’s going to be another short night because in the morning we gotta be moving on…

Our Thoughts

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  1. Another great experience! You are in the heartland of America. Gives one an appreciation of the expression, “But, will it play in Peoria?” (or Beardstown or Hardin)

    • Thanks, Rus! We are having a great time.

  2. BTW Sam you WILL be able to see Popeye down the Mississippi River in Chester Il. There is a statue of him overlooking the River and throughout the town there are granite statues of all the characters in the comic strip. I was there last year on LST 325. We made a stop there to help them celebrate their Annual Popeye Festival. http://www.chesterill.com/character-trail/

    • Oh yeah! That’s hilarious. I guess we’ll be making a pit stop. LOL


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