#65 Buchanan, Tennessee to Clifton, Tennessee

Written by The Crew

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November 7, 2019

Today is going to be a very long day.

We are planning to travel 95 miles from Paris Landing Marina to Clifton Marina.

I dread these long days but we were blessed with a beautiful sunrise.

We left at 6:15 a.m. and it was a bit chilly.

What a morning!

Did I mention it was chilly?

I have never seen Sam bundled up like this while operating the boat!

Tennessee River

As we continue down the Tennessee River, we have seen a lot more homes along the shore.

Some are build up high in the hills.

A very pretty fall picture.

We also spotted a bridge to nowhere.

I really don’t like seeing projects like this.

So sad.

What a waste.

At least we don’t have to worry about getting under it!

Along the way we also saw a few barges tied up to mooring cells.

Then, we went past a town called Johnsonville.

And no.

They don’t make sausage here.

I Googled it.

Bridge Obsession

I continue to be fascinated by all the different bridges on the loop.

Check out this one we saw today.

It was actually two different kinds of bridges right together.

We saw quite a few fishermen out today all over the river.

At first we thought this was another fishing boat.

Then we got a little closer and saw the diving flag.

No one on the boat.

How cool is that?

I bet it’s cold down there.

And of course, what would a boat trip be without some spectacular fall foliage?

Some portions of the river, looked more like a lake that had laid down.

So smooth.


We did see a few barges while on our cruise.

Sam had to adjust our speed and slowed way down when we saw this barge.

He waited for him to get under the bridge before he called him on Channel 13 to ask for passing instructions.

We did into a couple of barges that we had seen on previous trips.

We also saw a dredging machine in operation.

So glad it’s doing it’s job.

Homes on the River

As I mentioned earlier, we have seen more homes along the Tennessee River than we have on other rivers.

Some up high on stilts.

Some up high on hills.

Some down low close to the bank.

Others in communities along the river.

It just never gets old looking at all the different homes along the Tennessee River.

Lady Finger Bluffs

We also went past incredible land formations called the Lady Finger Bluffs.

Boater in Despair

Right after we went past this barge, we saw something that we had never seen before.

A boater in about a 20 foot runabout was waving an oar in the air to get our attention.

Sam pulled over to see how we could help him.

He was pulled over to the side but the water was deep enough that we could reach him.

I threw him a line off our stern and we started pulling him to the Clifton Marina.

The boater saw a pontoon boat that was heading our way.

He decided to let go of our boat and let the pontoon offer assistance.

So we went on to the Clifton Marina.

We visited with him later after his rescue was a success.

Clifton Marina

What a nice surprise!

We met a couple other boats here for Docktails and dinner.

A very pleasant way to end our very long day.

Our Thoughts

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  1. Any home near a river bank needs to always be built on Stilts! I was born in a home on stilts because the town was 8ft under the Atlantic Ocean even though there was a Dike protecting the town! Just saying my belief! Have a great day! Tony B.

    • Hi Tony! That’s so cool. I did not know you lived in a home like that. It has been really interesting to see.

  2. Great post Rev! Very informative with lots of pictures to enhance the narrative. You and Sam are still having new experiences, now you are a Rescue Craft! Bravo Zulu may you have fair winds and following seas for the continuation of your adventure on America’s Great Loop! Rus

    • Thanks! Yes, we tried to help out.

  3. Thanks for checking in…………..I enjoy everything you post.

    • Thanks, Trey. We are still alive and kicking!

  4. A Personalized welcome! Awesome . James & Neicey

    • Wasn’t that nice?!?

  5. Hey since you’ll be seeing this area again soon some information about what you saw. The half bridge at Danville Crossing is very old, dates to before the Civil War. You can see the old grain terminal to port just after the bridge. That structure has 3 or 4 stores under the water. Grain and other goods transferred from river to rail and vis Versant here. They were both rendered inoperable when the lake was impounded by TVA in the 1940s. Bridge was removed to allow river traffic. Trains now cross at Camden.

    The diver was looking for Tennessee River mussels. They produce fresh water pearls. Their shells are the source of mother of pearl. There is a museum at Bird Song Creek focusing on the river pearl industry.

    Our future Loop boat is at Paris Landing Marina, First Date.

    • Thanks so much for the info! I’m sure you are dreaming about the day you can get started. 🙂

  6. I’m curious about your comments regarding the depths along this leg of your journey (Buchanan to Clifton). We are planning a reverse journey in December going north from Mobile and hoping to get to Pebble Isle Marina around Jan 1 or 2, 2022. You said there were no good stops between Paris Landing and Clifton Marina due to shallow water. Pebble Isle Marina is along that stretch. Was it too shallow to get in there or just not far enough travel for the day?

    • Yes, this loop we went to Pebble Isle from Kenlake Marina. The water was skinny near the fuel dock at winter pool.


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