#66 Clifton, Tennessee to Counce, Tennessee

Written by The Crew

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November 15, 2019

We were warned when we checked into the marina.

Beware the fog.

We really wanted to leave early but the marina owners said it probably wouldn’t be possible until after 8 a.m.

We got up at 6:30 a.m.

Just in case.

But everywhere we looked.

Fog was rolling around.

So we walked to the top of the hill so we could see the river.


Very foggy.

And eerie.

It was strange not being able to see the other side of the Tennessee River.

Obviously, we had to wait.

Leaving Clifton Marina

We finally left Clifton Marina about 7:45 a.m.

The fog burned off and it was a beautiful day.

You want a clear day to see the barges.

And the beautiful homes along the river.

And the sun did smile at us.

We traveled today with Vitamin Sea.

Homes Along the River

We saw several communities along the way.

Homes up high on the banks of the river.

We also saw evidence of storms that had been in the area.

An entire deck was hanging on the side of the cliff.

A roof was on the ground.

Very sad but there is evidence of cleaning up and new building.


Most Unusual

And then we saw something that we had never seen before.

A pontoon boat pushing a boat house with a man standing on the dock.

How crazy is that?

Down the River

As we continue to cruise down the Tennessee River, we enjoyed the sights and the weather.

Incredible sights.

Some bridges.

We tried to enjoy ourselves but we were nervous about the Pickwick Lock.

We knew several loopers that had to wait for hours and others who had to wait until it was dark to go through.

So we were dreading it.

Pickwick Lock

The Pickwick Lock is an 84 foot drop for us and could not have worked out better for us.

There was a barge coming out.

And once it was clear, we went right in.

I remember when I was overwhelmed with our first giant lock on the Erie Canal.

It was Lock 17 and was 41 feet high.

This was 84.

I guess I’m more comfortable in locks.

Now I wonder when that happened???

Nice Ride

After we exited the Pickwick Lock, we enjoyed the houses and apartments in the hillside.

What an incredible place to live.

What a view!

Grand Harbor Marina

On our way down the Tennessee River, we took a right turn and started on the Tennessee-Tombigbee River.

And we followed it until we got to Grand Harbor Marina.

Half of the marina is in Tennessee and the other half is in Mississippi.

We were lucky enough to snag a covered slip and so grateful because rain was coming our way.

And cold weather.

It can’t be a good sign when the marina covers up the flowers to protect them from the freeze that’s on its way.

Can it?

We were able to take their courtesy car in to town to eat at Freddy T’s.

We stayed in Grand Harbor for several days.

We let the rain pass.

It was still a bit cold but it was time to move on down the river.

Our Thoughts

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  1. This was a beautiful leg of your journey. I have travelled that section of the Tennessee this summer. Rus

    • That’s cool. It really is beautiful.

  2. My wife and I really miss seeing your videos. The last 28 or so are listed as private. Did we miss something?

    • No, Larry, you didn’t miss anything. Our YouTube channel was hacked! Hopefully, it will be restored soon.

  3. Walter and I continue to enjoy your adventure! Your pictures are wonderful!

    • Thanks, Bonnie. We are glad you are coming with us!

  4. Hard to believe it was back in MAY when we met you in Essex as you prepared for the Great Loop. I’ve watched your trip on YouTube and love seeing the progress. Trip of a lifetime! Look forward to seeing you down in Florida if we can link up.

    • That seems like forever ago and it was just six months. Looking forward to seeing you in Florida!


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