#70 Sumter County, Alabama to Demopolis, Alabama

Written by The Crew

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December 7, 2019

Early morning time.

We got up at 5:30 a.m. to leave when the sun comes up at 6:20 a.m.

That was a very short night.

But we are ready!

We are on a mission.

Get to warmer weather.


Our Evening at Anchor

I slept great.

Sam not so much.

Here’s why.

No wonder he sleeps with one eye open when we are anchoring.

You never know.

Leaving Sumter Recreation Area

We left our lovely anchoring spot to head to Kingfisher Bay in Demopolis, Alabama.

It was a cold morning but not 18 degrees cold!

We were the first ones in the anchorage so we were the last one out.

So, Kitumba led the way followed by Serenity Blue and then us as we made our way down to the lock.

Heflin Lock in Gainsville, Alabama

The lock was ready for us and we went right in.

I am still in awe of these marvels.

Cruising on the Tenn-Tom River

I don’t understand those who don’t like the river.

I’ve heard “dangerous” or “boring” or “unpredictable” when they are describing it.

But our experience has been the opposite.

We have loved seeing everything on the rivers.

White Cliffs of Epes

Some days on the river are better than others and this day was spectacular.

We were able to see the White Cliffs of Epes.

Really spectacular.

And worth the trip.

Moving On

There were so many amazing sites to see.

More fall colors.

More cliffs.

Change in the River

We started out this journey from the anchorage on the Tennessee-Tombigbee River.

When we were near Demopolis, just like on a highway on-ramp, a barge came from the left down the Black Warrior River.

The river we were traveling on became the Tombigbee-Black Warrior.

Kingfisher Bay Marina

We got fuel before we met Anna Marie, the Dock Master, at the slip.

If you have ever talked to Anna Marie you will understand that she runs a tight ship, so to speak.

Don’t offer to help her do anything.

She likes to do things HER way.

And you better not forget after your provision run to Demopolis to stop and put 1/2 gallon of gas in and call her before you bring the courtesy car back.

This is her marina and you will follow the rules.

You have been warned.

Our Thoughts

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  1. Yes, they are Rules! so you must follow the Rules! Thanks for the Post. The white cliffs remind me of those we saw on the Danube.

    • Well, that’s cool. Maybe we can see those someday.

  2. Boy, do I remember Anna “smoke ’em if ya got ’em” Marie” Did not want to mess with her!

    • Right?!? She’s tiny but fierce!

  3. Gotta love Anna Maria. She sounds like Annie Oakley of the waterways! I love the pictures of the white cliffs! Sounds like this was another relaxing leg.

    • Oh, you do not want to mess around with her! Yes, it was beautiful and relaxing.


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