#72 Bobby’s Fish Camp, AL to Tensas River, Alabama

Written by The Crew

Rev writes all the posts as "The Crew" at What Yacht To Do. It's just part of the First Mate duties. That list just keeps growing...

December 16, 2019

We left Bobby’s Fish Camp bright and early around 6 a.m.

It was really cold.

I had on two jackets.

We were rewarded though with a beautiful sunrise.

As I walked around the front of the boat, I slipped and fell hard on my bee-hind.

It felt like frost.

Not again!

We really need to get to Florida!

I hurt my toe, my wrist and of course, my bee-hind!

Leaving Bobby’s Fish Camp

We were in the back of the wall so we were going to be one of the first boats out.

We did have to wait while a couple of fishing boats got loaded up and away from the dock.

The sky was spectacular, and steam was rising from the Tombigbee river.

Cool and spooky at the same time.

The Troll called us on the radio and passed us with little wake.

It’s almost as if his mom had given him a stern talk about how to treat other boaters.

Whatever happened, we are just thankful that he wasn’t trouble today.

Coffeeville Lock

About two miles down the river, we came to the Coffeeville Lock.

The past few locks, the lock master asks for the boat names and registration number.

After all that was done, seven boats got tied up and secured using the floating bollards.

We went down about 30 feet.

The front doors opened about 3 feet.

The doors stopped.

Then, they shut again.

What is going on???

A few minutes later, the lock master announced that there was a shift change.

Oh boy.

We waited in the lock for about 40 minutes for that shift to change.

I got some coffee.

Did the dishes.

Watched the highlights from the OU-Baylor game.

Tried to stay warm.

Traveling Down the Tombigbee

As we continue traveling down the Tombigbee River, we enjoyed seeing the sights along the way.

Of course, you know I love the bridges.

And just going along and seeing the trees on the shore is enough entertainment for me.

We did pass our friends that are on Grace, a lovely sailboat.

But, oh, those bridges!

I think I love them so much because I have only known the perspective of traveling across the bridge.

Never from down below.

It’s just so impressive to me.

Different modes of transportation, all using and appreciating the incredible form and function of a simple bridge.

Industrial Scene

And of course, we appreciate all the industrial sites to see along the Tombigbee.

Check out this railroad bridge.

I wonder about all the people that have had the privilege of going up into that little house up there.

What a view that must be!

And I wonder what goes on in a facility like this.

What could be going on in there?

And this has something to do with energy but what are those giant, round structures for?

We saw several barges along the way along the river and our most pressing question is always – “I wonder what’s inside those barges???

We also saw a claw grabbing scrap metal out of a barge and putting it in another container.

What a fun job that would be!

Evidence of Flooding

Along the way, we saw incredible cliffs and landforms.

It was really a treat to see the different ways the shore is on the river.

Then, for several miles we saw evidence of severe flooding along the river.

The trees have really suffered being so close to the area that has been washed away.

I’m sure several of them have ended up floating down the river.

One of our favorite sites to see though, is when the river just seems to lay down.

Nothing like traveling through calm waters.

Anchoring in the Tensas River

Well, you know us and anchoring.

Oh boy.

We decided to anchor in a spot on the Tensas River that we heard about and decided to give it a go.

We talked to other loopers who had fantastic experiences there just a couple days ahead of us.

So we acted like we were good at anchoring and dropped our anchor.

It set the first time.

The slight current and no wind kept us in the same position all night.

We had heard of alligator sightings in the area and kept a sharp eye out.

However, we didn’t see one.

But we did have an entire evening of this serenity.

And then this.

And it just got better.

We couldn’t have asked for a better anchorage.

Or sunset.

The perfect evening.

Our Thoughts

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  1. Just gotta love those sunsets…..Beautiful!
    We’ve had mid 70s to mid 80s last few days….I love those too.

    • Nice. Sounds fantastic!

  2. Sam and Rev,
    Really enjoying your videos and reports on your trip. It reminds me that I need to get out to my boat for a cruise here in California. Here we call jet skis and bass boats “river fleas”, and don’t worry, they never slow down.

    Thanks for all the entertainment and information.

    • River fleas! Hilarious! Thanks so much for coming along with us.

  3. Another calm smooth leg on America’s Great Loop. Great pictures along with the great account of the journey.

    • It was really something! Ended beautifully.


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