#87 Cape Coral, Florida to Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Written by The Crew

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February 11, 2020

Wow, what a month!

We really had a fantastic time staying at Cape Harbour Marina in Cape Coral.

On the night before we left we had a chance to meet Cully and Heidi who found us through YouTube.

We met our neighbors, We Wine A Lot, and had a nice meal at Fathoms.

Gotta Be Moving On…

Today our plan was to get to Naples for a couple of days.

Sam had already made arrangements to stay at the city marina.

We got up early and left before the sun.

It was eerie creeping around with everybody still asleep.

But it was also really nice to move on such calm waters.

As we made our way out of the marina, we took a left and saw the lock.

The red light means you can’t go in.

So we wait for the green light.

This really is the smallest lock we had ever seen.

After the lock, we passed Rum Runners.

We had several great meals there.

Made a turn and caught these palm trees looking like a “Come to Florida!” commercial.

We decided to make our way to a nearby marina, Tarpon Point, and pump out (aka vacuum out the pee and poop from the black water holding tanks).

Even though we had to do a dirty deed, we were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise.

It just got better.

Sam actually did the pump out while the dock hand turned on/off the machine.

We always tip the pump out dock hands $5.

If they help us out with fuel also, we make it $10.

Next Stop: Fort Myers Beach

We had heard about some cheap fuel ($2.89/gallon) at Moss Marine in Fort Myers Beach.

It was only about 2 miles out of our way and that is a huge savings when you get a few hundred gallons.

So we enjoyed the view as we went on our way.

Intracoastal Waterway

You can always tell when you are in the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) by looking at the red and green markers.

The red markers have a gold triangle at the top.

And the green markers have a gold triangle at the top.

It you don’t see gold symbols on markers, you aren’t in the ICW.

Sanibel Bridge

As we followed the narrow channel, we soon left the ICW.

Then, we could see the Sanibel Bridge up ahead.

It looks really majestic as we passed under.

Fort Myers Beach

As we came up to Fort Myers Beach we could see white sand, calm waters and people walking along the shore.

Then, it happened.

We hit something.

I just thought it was the beach.

But Sam backed us out and we didn’t run aground.

We were definitely between the markers but whatever was under the water didn’t care.

We slowly made it to Moss Marine to take on fuel.

If you get over 100 gallons, you get 15 cents/gallon off.

What a sweet deal!

But was it worth it?

We left Moss and headed back out toward the beach aka the scene of the crime.

As Sam pushed it up a little higher, there was a definite vibration.

We turned back and docked at Moss so we could get a plan together.

In the time it took us to call some friends in the area, find a mechanic, and find a marina that would take us, it had started raining.


At least we had a plan.

So instead of going to celebrate my birthday, Groundhog’s Day, and Super Bowl Sunday, in Naples, we were headed to Snook Bight Marina.

OK, Sam had to drive the boat on a very long day through locks and we even lost the bow thruster on his last birthday, so now it was my turn.

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

That’s how it is on the loop.

We did get to see some very cool shrimp boats up close.

Since it was Saturday and rainy, no one was out.

Snook Bight Marina

It wasn’t a far trip down to Snook Bight Marina where we were going to spend the weekend and then hopefully, get help on Monday.

The weather looked pretty sad on Saturday.

But Sunday was different.

So bright

So sunny.

Let’s celebrate!

We took a bus down to explore Fort Myers Beach.

The cost of the bus is 35 cents for a senior so Sam and I took a ride for 70 cents.

Can you believe it?

We went down have a pecan cinnamon roll at Heavenly Biscuits.

And, boy, were they!

There was also live entertainment!

Time to see more of Fort Myers Beach.

We got off the bus.

Walked around for awhile.

Then, we found a FREE trolley.

Oh yeah!

One of the stops was the actual beach where we ran into something.

Just a day earlier we were headed to Naples.

But that’s how it is on the loop.

Flexibility is really important.

We really look like we are suffering.

Don’t we?

Times Square

The free trolley dropped us off at Times Square.

This is a place where you can find restaurants…

shopping and of course…

the beach!

This is peak season here on Fort Myers Beach.

Tourists everywhere!

Leaving Snook Bight Marina

Monday morning, Sam called Lee at Gulf Marine and they said they could haul us out so off we go.

We saw a lot of beautiful homes along the way.

There were several places to anchor between Snook Bight and Gulf Marine.

Once we saw the shrimp boats that we had passed and the Matanzas Pass Bridge, we knew we were getting close.

The Haul Out

Once we got close to the dock, we hopped off and the staff pulled the Here’s To Us!! over to the lift.

They pulled her right in.

And lifted her right out.

They moved her over to the prop shop.

Is that a great name or what?

Sam had them remove both props.

One blade on the on the starboard engine was bent.

They took the props to fix and then they put our boat back into the water.

Gulf Marine had a spot with power for us that they graciously let us use.

Fortunately, the shop was within walking distance to Doc Ford’s.

I had and highly recommend the Yucatan peel and eat shrimp.

It is so messy but it is so worth it.

Time to Wait

Now all we had to do was wait for our props to be repaired.

While we were there, we saw them haul out one of those giant shrimp boats.

It was an incredible sight.

There were also a few pelicans that liked to hang out behind our boat.

And on top of pilings.

We were entertained with a pirate ship that took tourists back and forth several times a day (and also night).

We also saw this tiki hut zooming by.

Instant party on the water.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

After a few days, they pulled our boat back over to the lift to get our new-like props attached.

Here we go again!

Do you see that?

No props!

Looks so weird.

They worked quickly to reattach.

Look how shiny and pretty they are now!

We are ready.

Back in the water.

OK, not so fast.

After they put us back in the water, we had to stay here two more nights due to a storm.

Come on!

Thank You

Special thank you shout out to Balahula for recommending Gulf Marine, and Snook Bight for having a slip for us and Lee and staff at Gulf Marine for fixing our props and letting us stay a couple of extra days due to weather.

We really could not have moved on if not for you all.


Our Thoughts

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  1. Great story, and the best part is that everything worked out so well! You two are still discovering new experiences on your adventure along America’s Great Loop. I am sure you will be refreshed and recharged from your stay in the Florida Keys before continuing North in the Spring! Great job with the pictures, videos and story line Rev, they never fail to inform and entertain. Bravo Zulu! Rus

    • Thanks Cousin Rus! We are staying at Boca Chica Naval Air Station for 6 nights and then in Marathon for 2 weeks. Hopefully, we will be recharged after that! We are taking it easy.

  2. Hi Sam & Rev, Jerry Perkins in Naples following your travels. I think I mentioned that after the last hurricane, the channel markers are not all accurate because the sand was so pushed around. The intercoastal between Naples and Marco was a frequent jaunt for me. I was told to avoid it, and I only draw 3′ 2″. Thanks again for the margarita.

    • Hi Jerry! We were so surprised to see the marker so close to the beach. We were even more surprised to hit something and almost run aground in the channel! The whole experience delayed us several days AND we didn’t get back to Naples. But it was a lesson learned. Hope you are doing well.


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