#96 Vero Beach, Florida to Titusville, Florida

Written by The Crew

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April 16, 2020

Yes, we had to get up early.

Really early.

We were thankful that Vero Beach City Marina let us tie up to their fuel dock overnight but it meant we had to be gone by 7:30 a.m.

But even though we were forced to leave early, we had planned to anyway.

We were going to go to Titusville which is 74 miles away.

I don’t even have to tell you that this will be a very long day.

There are 8 bridges that we will go under but none of them will have to be opened for us.

So, we are ready for the day!

Not so fast…

What’s This???

When we woke up and looked out, there it was.



Our hope was it would lift by our designated departure time.

A little better.

I took the opportunity to stroll around the marina.

If fog kept us here, it would certainly keep another boat from coming in to get fuel.

As I walked back I got a glimpse of the Here’s To Us!!

Looking good.

And wouldn’t you know it, I had nothing to worry about.

By 7:30 a.m., the fog had lifted and we were able to leave.

Yeah, About Leaving…

We have been moving every day and it is finally starting to show.

First thing though before we left, we got a pump out.

After all the lines were untied, we thought we were ready.

Sam let out a yell and realized that the power cord was still attached to the dock.


We have to pay more attention or things are going to get crazy!


After moving away from the marina and going back down the channel, we took a right and got on the Intracoastal Waterway.

There were a few dolphins who wanted to say goodbye to us as we left this area and made our way back to the ICW.

I captured them in our video below.

The morning was shaping up to be a beautiful one.

You never know after fog.

And we certainly didn’t see that in the forecast.


The homes around the loop and especially Florida have been really interesting to see.

I think that these two are getting new roofs.

I’ve never seen lime-green or blue roofs before so I’m guessing they are part of the “getting a new roof” process.

We did hold our breath for this sailboat.

Thankfully, it made it under.

I would be so nervous if we were in a sailboat and had to face all of those bridges.

As we continued, the traffic started to pick up.

It’s always fun seeing birds hanging out on an island.

There were a lot of sailboats out today.

Actually, there was a lot of everything out there today.

We saw jet skis, fishermen, small power boats, large powerboats and of course, sailboats.

Those fishermen didn’t even notice us.

They were so focused on their catch.

Some sailboats ran under sails and some under power.

They all look cool.

These two boats looked like they were racing each other.

Came to the Eau Gallie Bridge which was actually two separate bridges.

One bridge one way and the other bridge going in the opposite direction.

Sam radioed S/V Samantha to ask for a pass.

This has been a cruise down memory lane for Sam today.

He lived in Melbourne, Florida and worked in Cocoa Beach when he was Major Crouse.

He actually worked where Major Nelson of I Dream of Jeannie did.

Ah, sweet memories.

But we continue on our way to Titusville.

We had been underway for six days in a row on our push to get to Jacksonville.

So, we decided to stay two nights in Titusville and breath a little.

Not a lot, just a little.

Before we got to the Titusville Marina, Sam spotted the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building on the right.

They put the space shuttles together, among other things.

How cool is that?

Just one more bridge until we get to our destination.

I’m ready.

And restless,

I just want to be there!

I got the lines and fenders ready to dock.

What is taking so long???

Titusville Marina

The Titusville Marina was a great stop for a couple of nights.

They had great security and were within walking distance of the town.

Their customer service is stellar.

But this had a “city” dock feel to it.




Now we have seen many kinds of birds and ducks hang out on docks.

But never pigeons.

We did get to take a stroll into Titusville the next morning.

This park was on the way.

I was NOT prepared for this sign.

I wasn’t going to swim anyway but now I don’t even want to walk around here!

And then we noticed this sign at the park.

Sam has talked since I have known him about beano rules.


He talked about getting the beano briefing at the military bases where we have stayed.


I couldn’t understand how legumes could be involved.

“You know,” he smiles casually, “there will BE NO this or BE NO that!”

Got it.

Titusville did have some interesting sights.

I love murals painted on walls that have history of the town.

It’s unusual and meaningful.

They also have the American Space Museum and Space Walk of Fame and these items were out front.

I don’t know though, what their problem is with Ronald McDonald.

Very curious.

Well, if anyone is looking for him, he’s being held in Titusville.

We had a lovely breakfast at the Downtown Diner.

We decided to leave early the next morning.

We wanted to sleep but these two on the boat next door kept fighting.

So off we went.

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  1. Great segment with lots of interesting sights. Got bit by the tired bug and complacent checklist syndrome! Glad that worked out, could have been worse! Lots of reminiscing for you Sam, I recall that you were stationed there for a few years. Never knew you had a sailboat, they are a lot of fun. I was reminded of my sailboat when you passed the Glider Fly. Mine was much smaller, about the size of a Snipe and the One Design Class was called Glider Fly. Had that boat on Conesus Lake in the Finger Lakes region of Western New York.

    • That’s why you know so much about sailboats! Yes, that section of Florida brought back a lot of memories for Sam. I am so thankful that Sam did remember the power cord before we left the dock. That could have been very bad. And expensive!

  2. It’s been fun following you since Fort Myers. The biggest surprise was your finding a diner open on this leg. I didn’t know there was a part of Floridan that isn’t on lockdown. It should have been evident that there were few people walking about. Naples is like a ghost town. At least the state government has posted a plan to start our drift back toward normalcy. I hope you get to spend some time in Savannah, Ga.. Unique.

    • Hi Jerry! Glad you are still coming along with us. We are behind on videos. If you look at the top of our homepage, you will see that our boat is in Jacksonville, Florida. We flew back to Texas on March 10th to take care of some business and got stuck here. So, I’m sure that Titusville looks like Naples but hopefully, not too much longer. Savannah is a place that we can’t wait to see. Really looking forward to it! Take care and stay healthy.

  3. I know the time in Tx. seems forever but just thing of the things you have done. Just take that as part of the loop experience. I know the boat is calling but keep thinking how great the whole process has been. Its part of your Loop education. Glad to hear Sam is adding some growth. He can now carry on a bearded conversation. Very select club. Love the travel and the videos. We will all be waiting for the next one.

    • Yes, Buck, it DOES seem like forever! We are driving each other crazy! Well, you better catch Sam fast for one of those “bearded conversations” because he has never had a beard before and each day that passes comes with a whole new set of complaints.
      Today might be the day he jumps back to the other side! LOL

  4. I spent a night at Titusville Marina a couple of months after you as I brought my new boat north to Pasadena, MD from Lauderdale. I walked past that same “Beware of” sign. How can people live down there with dinosaurs walking the streets?


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