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About Me and What Yacht To Do

Sam and Rev Crouse created What Yacht To Do to show how you can be sitting in your living room one day and then living on the water the next.

Sam is a former AF pilot and recent retiree from American Airlines. Rev’s background is in education and marketing. 

A few years ago on a trip for work, Sam found out about America’s Great Loop. He learned more about it on Captain John’s website and started to get obsessed.

So the search was on for a boat.

We had planned to look for a year and then get ready for the loop in a year.

Well, we found a boat in about three months. In Baltimore. We live in the DFW area.

We bought the boat in November 2017 and immediately winterized it. Did I  mention that Rev hadn’t seen the boat before we bought it? But she was 100% in favor of the purchase.

Also, we didn’t know how to turn it on much less move a boat that size from point A to point B. 

Even though there is so much we don’t know, we aren’t going to let that keep us from going for it.

So, we invite you to come along with us as here on What Yacht To Do as we learn how to turn it on, move it around, live aboard and go around America’s Great Loop.

Maybe someday, we will see you out here.


  1. Dee Hightower

    I’m so excited for you two and your great adventure! Keep us posted!

    1. The Admiral

      Thanks! and Will do!

    2. Craig McAllaster

      Loved your crossing video, we did the crossing from Dog River to Tampa over a two day period. So appreciated your perspective. When you get along the East coast of Florida we would love to watch you go by.


      1. The Crew

        Fantastic! Look forward to being over there and waving!

  2. D’Ann Jones

    Anxious to hear all about it !

    1. The Admiral

      We are glad you are coming along with us on this journey! Thanks for subscribing. 🙂

  3. Greg

    I don’t think this falls under more courage than common sense but I could be wrong. I will enjoy watching your travels. And how does an ugly old guy like you get a cute wife several years younger. OH, that’s right, you’re a PILOT.

    1. The Admiral

      Hey, I think you are seriously underestimating Sam’s winning personality!

  4. Lois Hofmeier

    Safe travels

    1. The Admiral

      Thank you, Lois.

  5. Keith Nickas

    I love it! Great site, we are waiting for your adventure stories!

    1. The Admiral

      Thanks Keith. It certainly should be interesting!

  6. Kaye

    Safe travels Rev and Sam, sure do love you and am excited for you!!!!!!

    1. The Admiral

      Thanks Aunt Kaye! We love you, too.

  7. Paul Michel

    Great site to share your travels! I can’t wait to see all of the adventure unfold throughout the next 12 months. Congrats, you have worked hard & planned for this.

    1. The Admiral

      Thanks, Paul, for keeping us on track! Are you taking any more clients? We would love to promote you here and when we start our YouTube channel.

      1. Yes, I am still accepting clients in all 50 states as a flat-fee fiduciary advisor. http://www.ProvidentFinancialPlanning.com

        Thanks in advance for any referrals. Rest assured, I’ll treat them as a neighbor.

  8. Berrie

    Safe travels and keep the stories and pictures coming!
    I envy you.

    1. The Crew

      Thanks, Berrie. We are glad you are coming along with us!

  9. Bob Golinski

    ENJOY the Fun Adventure!!! Great plan and more to come. Happy Trails to You…..
    Bob & Laura

    1. The Crew

      Thank you, Bob and Laura!

  10. Bryan Johnson

    Hi, wife and I are inspired by your looping. We see your approaching Hammond (where we moor) and have a question on your bridge height? Your BEAUTIFUL boat looks extremely tall . Going down the Cal sag there are height restrictions?

    1. The Crew

      Thanks, Bryan. We just got to Hammond today. The bridge at mile marker 300.6 on Cal-Sag is 19.7 feet. The lowest we can get (folding antennas down) is 17’1″ so we’ll make it. We were tempted to go through downtown Chicago but probably won’t. Thanks for being here.

  11. Keith lang

    Love what you guys are doing. Our boat is at green turtle bay this week , leaving next for Clearwater Fl on the 13 th of October. Hope our paths cross. With our arch down , we were 19”1’ and had a foot of clearance back in August.

    1. The Crew

      Hey Keith! Hopefully, we will be back to St. Louis soon and then heading south next week. Looking forward to being at Green Turtle Bay. We have heard such great things about it. And we will be going toward Clearwater in November or December so our paths could cross. See you out there!

  12. Dean Clarke

    I really enjoy all your videos, some make me laugh! You gave my daughter your business card back in July I believe she worked at the Rosedale lock on the Trent canal.
    Anyways keep them coming guys you’re great! ❤

    1. The Admiral

      Yes, we remember her! It was so beautiful. We spent the night there and thoroughly enjoyed Canada. Parks Canada has done such a great job hiring friendly staff. It left such an impression on us we can’t wait to get back! Tell your daughter that we said hello. Thanks so much for the encouragement!

  13. Brian D

    I came across the great loop idea last year. The more I read up on it and videos I watch, the more I want to do it. Your videos have been great! Be safe and have fun

    1. The Crew

      Hey Brian! Really glad you are joining us until you can go yourself. Welcome aboard.

  14. Thanks for recording your cruise!

    Although I’ve been a captain of a fishing boat (17’) on the upper Mississippi River for the last 15 years, yachts are new to us. I’m not interested in The Loop yet but am interested is seeing your experiences with the hopes of leaving Red Wing MN and traveling to Lake Michigan.

    Since our Lake Pepin is frozen, I felt it was the perfect time to get pneumonia and catch up on your videos!

    Happy sailing on the rest of your journey and watch out for the other guy!

    1. The Crew

      Hey Captain! So sorry to hear about your illness. Sounds like you have a whole lot of experience on the water. So much more than we do! We appreciate you coming along on this journey with us. You take care and get well asap!

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