1. Brian J Klawitter

    Sam, Rev needs to wear this to remind you?? LOL!

    1. The Crew

      Oh yes, Brian! On a daily basis!!! LOL

  2. Brian J Klawitter

    I think Sam and I need to talk. πŸ™‚ Never mind, the favorite wife wants a shirt too I just found out.

    Any thoughts about where you’re going after you finish your loop?

    1. The Crew

      LOL! Too funny. When we finish the loop, we will probably spend the next year traveling and looking at boats. We will get a different one (shorter draft and air draft) to do the loop again in 2021. Well, that’s the plan as of today, anyway.

  3. Brian J Klawitter

    Totally understand how plans work.

    Interesting. We have a 40 foot Carver and I was thinking how nice it would be to have something like yours with the extra space. We came from a 38′ camper into the Carver and really miss the storage space. We have the cockpit version and I would rather have that space used for galley or some type of storage. The only thing I’ve found the cockpit good for is storing tanks of extra fuel.

    I think you mentioned it in your videos about the cost of a 50+’ boat in the marinas.

    Until next time, Good Boating or Docktails!


    1. The Crew

      Our cockpit really comes in handy when going through the locks and docking. It makes it so much easier and safer to grab a stern line. We created more storage by building benches and buying storage cubes.
      It’s great hearing from you! Take care.

  4. Mel Porter

    Rev, you need two more shirts,1..stop yelling at me..2..I m not yelling at you.For those who have not gone to head sets yet.

    1. Mel Porter

      Been following since day1.

      1. The Crew

        Hey, thanks, Mel! We really appreciate you.

    2. The Crew

      Thanks for the suggestion, Mel. Hilarious! πŸ˜‚

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