Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about doing America’s Great Loop, maybe we can help.

Questions About the Journey

You asked. We answered (in the video below).
Here are all the questions that we were asked about the Journey:


1. Are we beginners?

2. What did you do to get ready for the Loop?

3. What did you wish you would have done better to prepare for the Loop?

4. Costs and expenditures.

5. Can I anchor more than using marinas?

6. Do I need paper charts?

7. What publications or references do you use for planning the route?

8. Do I need to join the American Great Loop Cruisers Association to do the Loop?

9. With a long-term goal in mind, what are your suggestions on preparation?

10. Prescriptions and medicines


1. Is it possible to do the Loop in reverse (clockwise)?

2. How many miles do you go each day?

3. Do you use your dinghy a lot on the route?

4. Do you ever run the boat at night

5. How many locks did you go through before you felt comfortable with them?

6. What was your best day on the Loop and what was your worst day on the Loop?

7. What was your favorite part of the Loop and what was your least favorite part of the Loop?

8. When your boat is pulled for repairs, where do you find accommodations? Did you include the cost of accommodations needed during down time for repairs in your budget? Go home, stay in a hotel, with friends, with family?

9. Marina reservations?

10. How often have you returned to your “dirt home”?

11. We picture the docks along the trip full of life, busy, meeting people, live music. We are guessing it’s not like that all the time. Have you gone to docks where it’s quiet, low key?

12. Are we going to do it again?

Questions About the Boat

We answer your questions about our boat, a Carver 504, that we are taking around America’s Great Loop.

Here are the questions that we answer in the video below.

1. Are you happy with your choice of the Carver 504?

2. Why did you buy such a big boat?

3. Should I get a trawler or a cruiser?

4. Tell us about the engines, size, horsepower, make and why did you choose?

5. What is the fuel burn of your boat? How do they run at low RPM, etc.?

6. What do you like about your boat? What is your favorite part of the boat?

7. What navigation systems do you use? Do you use your autopilot a lot?

8. What features of your boat do you find you’ve not actually used or benefited from that you initially thought would be important?

9. Are there any features you wish your boat had?

10. Routine maintenance planning?

11. Do you carry many spare parts?

12. How many times have you changed the engine oil (excluding the generator)?

13. Do you do the work yourself or have it done while at the marina?

14. Do you have an Ice Maker?

15. How much fuel and water does your boat hold?

16. Do I need a water-maker?

17. If you were to loop again, would you think about getting a smaller (or bigger) boat, or has 50’ been about the right size for you?

18. Can you tell us about insurance requirements?

19. What about having a safe onboard?

20. Do you carry weapons?

21. Can you do a video or post regarding the various electronics you have on board? From the cameras and head-sets you use to the electronics for the boat. And your engine room details – engine & generator size, hot water heater, fuel and various holding/storage tanks.

How to Lock

If you are nervous about going through a lock, check out Rev’s way. Now this isn’t the only way to lock but it will give you a good idea about what to expect.