Neal Kennedy, Custom Upholstery

Neal Kennedy Custom Upholstery

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April 8, 2019

Even though we loved the boat we bought, there were a few tweaks we wanted to make.

We had originally planned to spend the winter in Charleston but once we decided to remodel before starting the Great Loop, we winterized the boat for a second year, hired Neal Kennedy and headed back to Texas.

We found Neal by accident.

We had gone to Wal-Mart for a provisioning run and found a marina located right behind it. Obsessed with looking at boats, we entered the marina and immediately noticed a sign for upholstery and canvas.

Sam went in and talked to Neal about our remodeling projects.

Remodel in the Salon

The salon (living room) had a table and chairs like you would find at home.

But one of the issues we have is the lack of storage.

So we decided to put in a restaurant-style booth with extra storage under the seats.

Salon Dining Table
Before Remodel

Remodel in the Aft Bridge

The aft bridge had a patio set with a love seat, two chairs and a coffee table that looks like it should be in your back yard not on a boat.

And of course, we have a need for storage so we decided to put in an L-shaped built-in sofa.

Patio Furniture in the Aft Bridge

Before Remodel

Long Distance Updates

When Neal started working on our projects, he would periodically text updates on the furniture.

Finished Projects

We were so pleased with both of the final products.

The restaurant-style benches hold a lot of appliances and kitchen items.

Salon After Remodel

The aft bridge L-shaped sofa is perfect for entertaining and the extra storage helps a lot.

Aft Bridge After Remodel

Contact Neal Kennedy

If you are in the Baltimore area and in need of upholstery or canvas work, we highly recommend Neal for your projects.

You can call him at 443-928-7259 or email him at

Or go by and see him at the marina at 114 Carroll Island Rd, Baltimore, MD 21220.

Tell him we said hello!

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