Our Great Loop Route (Platinum Loop)

Our platinum loop!

Written by The Crew

Rev writes all the posts as "The Crew" at What Yacht To Do. It's just part of the First Mate duties. That list just keeps growing...

September 1, 2020

Here is our itinerary for the second time around America’s Great Loop. You can find our first loop here. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for more details.

Running Totals:

Marinas: 74

Locks: 69

Walls: 15

Anchorages: 20

Mooring Ball: 3

Click on the Map Below to See Our Trip

You can see where we stopped and anchored out during our second time around.

September 2, 2020 – Day 1 on the first trip of our platinum loop! We started trip #125 from Cutter Marina, Essex, Maryland (North Baltimore) to Chesapeake Inn at Chesapeake City, Maryland. (Marina – total: 1)

September 3, 2020 – #126 from Chesapeake Inn at Chesapeake City, Maryland to Utsch’s Marina in Cape May, New Jersey. (Marina – total: 2)

September 6, 2020 – #127 from Cape May, New Jersey to Hoffman’s Marina in Brielle, New Jersey in the Manasquan Inlet. (Marina – total: 3)

September 7, 2020 – #128 from Hoffman’s Marina in Brielle, New Jersey in the Manasquan Inlet to Half Moon Bay in Croton-on-the-Hudson, New York. We went right past the Statue of Liberty. (Marina – total: 4)

September 8, 2020 – #129 from Half Moon Bay in Croton-on-the-Hudson, New York to the Kingston City Docks in Kingston, New York. (Marina – total: 5)

September 9, 2020 – #130 from Kingston City Docks in Kingston, New York to Donovan’s Shady Harbor Marina in New Baltimore, New York. (Marina – total: 6)

September 12, 2020 – #131 from Donovan’s Shady Harbor Marina in New Baltimore, New York to Waterford, New York. We went through the first lock called Troy Lock. We stayed on the floating docks outside the Waterford Visitor Center. (Wall with power – total: 1 and Locks: 1)

September 14, 2020 – #132 from Waterford, New York to Donovan’s Mohawk Harbor in Schenectady, New York. We started down the Erie Canal and went through Locks 2-7. We stayed at Mohawk Harbor Marina. (Marina – total: 7 and Locks: 7)

September 17, 2020 – #133 from Mohawk Harbor in Schenectady, New York to the wall in Amsterdam, New York right after Lock 11. We went through Locks 8-11 and none of them had cables to throw a line around. They all had ropes hanging down to grab and hold on to. (Wall, with power – total: 2 and Locks: 11)

September 18, 2020 – #134 from Lock 11 in Amsterdam, New York to Canajoharie, New York. We went through the Erie Canal Locks 12 and 13. We stayed at the Riverfront Park. (Wall, no power – total: 3 and Locks: 13)

September 19, 2020 – #135 from Canajoharie, New York to Little Falls, New York. We went through Locks 14-17 on the Erie Canal. Lock 14 and 15 each rise only eight feet. Lock 16 rose 20 feet and Lock 17 goes up a whopping 40 feet! We are staying at Little Falls Canal Harbor Marina. (Marina – total: 8 and Locks: 17)

September 21, 2020 – #136 from Little Falls, New York to Aqua Vino Restaurant in Utica, New York. We went through Locks 18 and 19 and then docked at Aqua Vino Restaurant in Utica. (Wall, with power – total: 4 and Locks: 19)

September 22, 2020 – #137 from Aqua Vino Restaurant in Utica, New York to Sylvan Beach, New York. We went through Locks 20, 21 and 22 and then docked on a free city wall. (Wall, no power – total: 5 and Locks: 22)

September 23, 2020 – #138 from Sylvan Beach, New York to Brewerton, New York. We went across Lake Oneida and then docked at Ess-Kay Yards Marina in Brewerton. (Marina – total: 9)

September 26, 2020 – #139 from Brewerton, New York to Fulton, New York. We stayed on a free wall next to the town of Fulton. We went through the last lock on the Erie Canal (Lock 23) and then started on the Oswego Canal (Locks 1 and 2). (Wall, no power – total: 6 and Locks: 25)

September 27, 2020 – #140 from Fulton, New York to Oswego, New York. We stayed at the Oswego Marina. We went through five locks on the Oswego Canal (Locks 3 – there is no 4 – then 5, 6, 7 and 8). (Marina – total: 10 and Locks: 30)

September 28, 2020 – #141 from Oswego, New York to Sackets Harbor, New York. We had to cross the lower southeast corner of Lake Ontario and head up toward the 1,000 Islands. We stayed at the Navy Point Marina in Sackets Harbor. (Marina – total: 11)

September 29, 2020 – #142 from Sackets Harbor, New York to Cape Vincent, New York. Rough day on Lake Ontario. We stayed on the wall of the Cape Vincent Fisheries Station. (Wall, no power – total: 7)

September 30, 2020 – #143 from Cape Vincent, New York to Clayton, New York. Much better day on Lake Ontario. We stayed at the Clayton Harbor Municipal Marina. (Marina – total: 12)

October 2, 2020 – #144 from Clayton, New York to Alexandria Bay, New York. We stayed at the Horizon Marina and then put the boat in heated winter storage on October 5, 2020 and began our extended stay on land. (Marina – total: 13)

October 5, 2020 to May 11, 2021 – Winter Break off the Boat. It was a LONG winter! We returned to our boat which was launched and docked at the Thousand Islands Club in Wellesley Island, New York. (Marina – total 14)

May 19, 2021 – #145 from Alexandria Bay, New York to Oswego, New York. We got on our boat at Thousand Islands Club in Wellesley Island, New York after all the repairs and upgrades were completed. We moved to Oswego Marina in Oswego, New York. (Marina – 15)

May 20, 2021 – #146 from Oswego, New York to Rochester, New York. Smooth day on Lake Ontario. We stayed at the Rochester Yacht Club. (Marina – total: 16)

May 21, 2021 – #147 from Rochester, New York to Wilson, New York. We stayed at the Bootleggers Marina. (Marina – total: 17)

May 26, 2021 – #148 from Wilson, New York to Buffalo, New York. A crew of three picked up our boat in Wilson, New York to take her through the 8 locks on the Welland Canal in Canada. They got as far as Port Colbourne, Ontario, Canada and spent the night. The next day they took the Here’s To Us to Canalside in Buffalo, New York. We met them at Canalside. (Wall with power – total: 8)

May 31, 2021 – #149 from Buffalo, New York to Erie, Pennsylvania. We stayed at the Wolverine Park Marina. (Marina – total: 18)

June 1, 2021 – #150 from Erie, Pennsylvania to Geneva, Ohio. We stayed at the Geneva State Park Marina. (Marina – total: 19)

June 2, 2021 – #151 from Geneva, Ohio to Cleveland, Ohio. We stayed at the North Coast Harbor Marina. (Marina – total: 20)

June 2-23, 2021 – The Here’s To Us!! stayed in Cleveland while we went back to Dallas, Texas for medical reasons and to visit family and friends.

June 24, 2021 – #152 from Cleveland, Ohio to Put-in-Bay, Ohio. We stayed at the City Docks. (Marina – total 21)

June 25, 2021 – #153 from Put-in-Bay, Ohio to Curtice, Ohio. We stayed at the Anchor Pointe Marina. (Marina – total 22)

June 29, 2021 – #154 from Curtice, Ohio to St. Clair Shores, Michigan. We stayed at Jefferson Beach Marina. (Marina – total 23)

June 30, 2021 – #155 from St. Clair Shores, Michigan to Port Huron, Michigan. We stayed at the Port Huron Yacht Club. (Marina – total 24)

July 4, 2021 – #156 from Port Huron, Michigan to Port Sanilac, Michigan. We stayed at the Port Sanilac Harbor Marina. (Marina – total 25)

July 5, 2021 – #157 from Port Sanilac, Michigan to Harbor Beach, Michigan. We didn’t plan to stop here but we lost the port engine on the way to Port Austin, Michigan. We stayed at the Harbor Beach city marina. (Marina – total 26)

July 10, 2021 – #158 from Harbor Beach, Michigan to Harrisville, Michigan. We stayed at the Harrisville Municipal Marina. (Marina – total 27)

July 11, 2021 – #159 from Harrisville, Michigan to Rogers City, Michigan. We stayed at the Rogers City Marina. (Marina – total 28)

July 12, 2021 – #160 from Rogers City, Michigan to Detour Village, Michigan. We stayed at Detour Village Marina. (Marina – total 29)

July 13, 2021 – #161 from Detour Village, Michigan to Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan. We stayed at the George Kemp Marina. (Marina – total 30)

July 14, 2021 – #162 from Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan to Whitefish Point, Michigan. We stayed at the Whitefish Point Harbor. (Marina, no power – total 31; through the MacArthur Soo Lock – Locks: total 31)

July 16, 2021 – #163 from Whitefish Point, Michigan back to Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan. We stayed at the George Kemp Marina. (Marina – total 32; through the Poe Soo Lock – Locks: total 32)

July 17, 2021 – #164 from Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan back to Detour Village, Michigan. We stayed at the Detour Village Marina. (Marina – total 33)

July 20, 2021 – #165 from Detour Village, Michigan to Cedarville, Michigan. We anchored in Government Bay North in Les Cheneaux Islands. This was our first anchorage on our second loop. (Anchor – total 1)

July 21, 2021 – #166 from Cedarville, Michigan to Saint Ignace, Michigan. We stayed at the St. Ignace Public Marina and took a ferry over to visit Mackinac Island. (Marina – total 34)

July 25, 2021 – #167 from Saint Ignace, Michigan to Beaver Island, Michigan. We stayed at the Beaver Island Municipal Marina. (Marina – total 35)

July 27, 2021 – #168 from Beaver Island, Michigan to Manistique, Michigan. We stayed at the Manistique Municipal Marina. (Marina – total 36)

July 29, 2021 – #169 from Manistique, Michigan to Fayette, Michigan. We stayed at the Fayette State Park Marina. (Marina – total 37)

July 30, 2021 – #170 from Fayette, Michigan to Escanaba, Michigan. We stayed at the Escanaba Municipal Marina. (Marina – total 38)

August 5, 2021 – #171 from Escanaba, Michigan to Fish Creek, Wisconsin. We stayed at the Fish Creek Municipal Marina. (Marina – total 39)

August 6, 2021 – #172 from Fish Creek, Wisconsin to Menominee, Michigan. We stayed at the Menominee Municipal Marina. (Marina – total 40)

August 9, 2021 – #173 from Menominee, Michigan to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. We stayed at the Bay Marine Yacht Harbor. (Marina – total  41)

August 11, 2021 – #174 from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin to Kewaunee, Wisconsin. We stayed at the Salmon Harbor Marina. (Marina – total  42)

August 12, 2021 – #175 from Kewaunee, Wisconsin to Manitowoc, Wisconsin. We stayed at the Manitowoc Marina. (Marina – total  43)

August 17, 2021 – #176 from Manitowoc, Wisconsin to Port Washington, Wisconsin. We stayed at the Port Washington Marina. (Marina – total  44)

August 19, 2021 – #177 from Port Washington, Wisconsin to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We stayed at the McKinley Marina. (Marina – total  45)

August 21, 2021 – #178 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Winthrop Harbor, Illinois. We stayed at the Northpoint Marina. (Marina – total  46)

August 23, 2021 – #179 from Winthrop Harbor, Illinois to Chicago, Illinois. We were able to go through the Chicago Lock and into downtown for a bit. We went under two bridges and then turned around and went back through the lock but we are only counting that one time. We stayed at the Burnham Harbor Marina. (Marina – total  47; Lock – total 33)

August 24, 2021 – #180 from Chicago, Illinois to Hammond, Indiana. We stayed at the Hammond Marina. (Marina – total  48)

August 28, 2021 – #181 from Hammond, Indiana to Joliet, Illinois. We stayed on the wall in Joliet after the Jefferson Bridge. We went through locks O’Brien and Lockhart. (Wall, with power – total  9; Locks  – total  35)

August 29, 2021 – #182 from Joliet, Illinois to Ottawa, Illinois. We stayed at the Heritage Harbor Marina. We went through Brandon, Dresden and Marseilles locks. (Marina – total  49; Locks – total  38)

September 1, 2021 – #183 from Ottawa, Illinois to Henry, Illinois. We stayed at Henry Harbor Marina. We went through the Starved Rock Lock. (Wall, with power – total 10; Locks – total 39)

September 2, 2021 – #184 from Henry, Illinois to Pekin, Illinois. We stayed at the Pekin Boat Club. We went through the Peoria Lock. (Wall, with no power – total 11; Locks – total 40)

September 3, 2021 – #185 from Pekin, Illinois to Beardstown, Illinois. We stayed at the Logsdon Tug Service. (Wall, with no power – total 12)

September 4, 2021 – #186 from Beardstown, Illinois to Hardin, Illinois. We went through the La Grange lock and stayed at Mel’s Riverdock Restaurant. (Wall, with no power – total 13; Locks – total 41)

September 5, 2021 – #187 from Hardin, Illinois to Grafton, Illinois. We stayed at Grafton Harbor Marina which is a really fun place with many restaurants to walk to including Grafton winery and brewery. (Marina – total 50)

September 11, 2021 – #188 from Grafton, Illinois to St. Charles, Missouri. We moved the boat over to Polestar Marina in St. Charles, Missouri and more specifically, to Uncharted Services for maintenance and repairs. We decided this would be a good time to fly home for doctor appointments and to visit family. (Marina – total 51)

October 16, 2021 – #189 from St. Charles, Missouri to Kaskaskia, Illinois. Well, that took a lot longer than expected! We moved the boat on September 11 (see above) and left her in the hands of Uncharted Services at Polestar Marina in St. Charles, Missouri. The parts needed to fix the Here’s To Us were delayed so we didn’t fly back to Missouri until October 12. We finally left St. Charles on October 16 and moved down the Mississippi River to the Kaskaskia Lock in Kaskaskia, Illinois. We anchored there since the wall was already filled with boats. Today we went through two locks (Mel Price and Chain of Rocks) and then past the St. Lous Arch. A long, wonderful day. (Marina – total 52; Anchor – total 2; Locks – total 43)

October 17, 2021 – #190 from Kaskaskia, Illinois to Cairo, Illinois. We traveled down the Mississippi River dodging logs and tows to get to the Angelo Tow Anchorage in Cairo, Illinois. (Anchor – total 3)

October 18, 2021 – #191 from Cairo, Illinois to Paducah, Kentucky. We moved from traveling downstream on the Mississippi River to upstream on the Ohio River. We had to go through the Olmsted Lock and then stayed at the city marina in Paducah. (Marina – total 53; Locks – total 44)

October 19, 2021 – #192 from Paducah, Kentucky to Hardin, Kentucky. We changed rivers again as we went upstream on the Ohio River and then continued fighting the current on the Tennessee River. We had to go through the Kentucky Lock and then stayed at the Kenlake Marina in Hardin. (Marina – total 54; Locks – total 45)

October 21, 2021 – #193 from Hardin, Kentucky to New Johnsonville, Tennessee. We continued on the Kentucky Lake also the Tennessee River. We stayed at Pebble Isle Marina. (Marina – total 55)

October 23, 2021 – #194 from New Johnsonville, Tennessee to Savannah, Tennessee. We continued on the Tennessee River decided to anchor at Swallow Bluff. (Anchor – total 4)

October 24, 2021 – #195 from Savannah, Tennessee to Counce, Tennessee. We went through the Pickwick Lock and stayed at Grand Harbor Marina. (Marina – total 56; Locks – total 46)

October 25, 2021 – #196 from Counce, Tennessee to Fulton, Mississippi. We went through three locks (Whitten, Montgomery and Rankin) and stayed at Midway Marina. (Marina – total 57; Locks – total 49)

October 26, 2021 – #197 from Fulton, Mississippi to Columbus, Mississippi. We went through four locks and (Fulton, Wilkins, Cochran, formerly Amory, and Aberdeen) stayed at Columbus Marina. (Marina – total 58; Locks – total 53)

October 27, 2021 – #198 from Columbus, Mississippi to Aliceville, Alabama. We went through two locks (Stennis and Bevill) and anchored at Littles Island in Upper Cooks Bend. (Anchor – total 5; Locks – total 55)

October 29, 2021 – #199 from Aliceville, Alabama to Demopolis, Alabama. We went through one lock (Gainsville/Heflin) and stayed at Kingfisher Bay Marina. (Marina – total 59; Locks – total 56)

November 2, 2021 – #200 from Demopolis, Alabama to Silas, Alabama. We went through the Demopolis Lock and then stayed at Bobby’s Fish Camp. (Wall, power – total: 14 and Locks – total: 57)

November 3, 2021 – #201 from Silas, Alabama to Tensas River in Alabama. We went through the Coffeeville Lock and anchored at the Tensas River. (Anchor – total: 6 and Locks – total: 58)

November 4, 2021 – #202 from Tensas River in Alabama to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We went across the Mobile Bay and stayed at Homeport Marina by Lulu’s. (Marina – total 60)

November 6, 2021 – #203 from Gulf Shores, Alabama to Fort Walton Beach, Florida. We anchored at Spectre Island. (Anchor– total 7)

November 7, 2021 – #204 from Fort Walton Beach, Florida to Panama City, Florida. We anchored at Parker Bayou. (Anchor– total 8)

November 8, 2021 – #205 from Panama City, Florida to Carrabelle, Florida. We stayed at the Moorings. Unfortunately, we hit something and will have to get hauled out to get one of the props and the bow thruster repaired. (Marina – total 61)

November 22, 2021 – #206 from Carrabelle, Florida to Dunedin, Florida. We led two other boats, Knotty Dogs and Happy Daze on an overnight crossing. Much calmer than our first Gulf Crossing (#81). We stayed at Marker One Marina and had Thanksgiving Dinner on the dock with those two boats. (Marina – total 62)

November 26, 2021 – #207 from Dunedin, Florida to St. Pete Beach, Florida. We anchored at Community Center Anchorage as we ran out of daylight that day. (Anchor – total 9)

November 27, 2021 – #208 from St. Pete Beach, Florida to Sarasota, Florida. We stayed at Marina Jacks for two nights. (Marina – total 63)

November 29, 2021 – #209 from Sarasota, Florida to Placida, Florida. We anchored at Cape Haze for the night. (Anchor – total 10)

November 30, 2021 – #210 from Placida, Florida to St. James City, Florida. We anchored at St. James City Anchorage. (Anchor – total 11)

December 1, 2021 – #211 from St. James City, Florida to Cape Coral, Florida. We arrived at our winter marina, Cape Harbour Marina. We had to go through a lock to get into our marina. (Marina – total 64; Lock 59)

April 4-8, 2022 – #212 from Cape Coral, Florida to Moore Haven, Florida. Unfortunately, along the way we had to make a 4-night stop at Legacy Harbor in Fort Myers due to an electrical issue. At Moore Haven, we stayed at River House Marina. We had to go through one lock out of Cape Coral and 2 locks after Fort Myers: Franklin and Ortona. (Marina – total 65; Locks – 62)

April 9, 2022 – #213 from Moore Haven, Florida to Clewiston, Florida. We stayed at Roland Martin Marina and were helped by the famous Captain Sam. We had to go through a lock named Julian Keen. Also, we went through the Clewiston Lock but it was open so we just sailed on through (Marina – total 66; Lock 64)

April 11, 2022 – #214 from Clewiston, Florida to Stuart, Florida. We went back out the open Clewiston Lock and on the other side of the Okeechobee Lake there was the Port Mayaca Lock. We happened to go through that lock with a manatee. So cool! Then, we went through the St. Lucie Lock. We anchored at Hoggs Cove anchorage. (Anchor – total 12; Locks – 67)

April 12, 2022 – #215 from Stuart, Florida to Melbourne, Florida. We anchored at Eau Gallie East anchorage. (Anchor – total 13)

April 13, 2022 – #216 from Melbourne, Florida to New Smyrna, Florida. We anchored at Callalisa anchorage. (Anchor – total 14)

April 14, 2022 – #217 from New Smyrna, Florida to Saint Augustine, Florida. We stayed at Rivers Edge Marina. (Marina – total 67)

April 16, 2022 – #218 from Saint Augustine, Florida to Cumberland Island, Georgia. We anchored at Cumberland Sound anchorage. (Anchor – total 15)

April 17, 2022 – #219 from Cumberland Island, Georgia to Brunswick, Georgia. We anchored at Wallys Leg anchorage. (Anchor – total 16)

April 18, 2022 – #220 from Brunswick, Georgia to Savannah, Georgia. We anchored at Buckhead Creek Top anchorage. (Anchor – total 17)

April 19, 2022 – #221 from Savannah, Georgia to Hilton Head, South Carolina. We stayed at Windmill Harbor Marina and had to go through a lock to get here. (Marina – total 68; Lock – 68)

April 21, 2022 – #222 from Hilton Head, South Carolina to Church Creek Anchorage. We stayed on a mooring ball for the first time ever! (Mooring Ball – total 1)

April 22, 2022 – #223 from Church Creek Anchorage to Awendaw, South Carolina. We stayed at Awendaw Creek anchorage. (Anchor – total 18)

April 23, 2022 – #224 from Awendaw, South Carolina to Enterprise Anchorage. (Anchor – total 19)

April 24, 2022 – #225 from Enterprise Anchorage to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We stayed at the Myrtle Beach Yacht Club. (Marina – total 69)

April 26th, 2022 — #226 From Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to Carolina Beach, North Carolina. We stayed on a Mooring Ball. (Mooring Ball – total 2)

April 27th, 2022 — #227 From Carolina Beach, North Carolina to Morehead City, North Carolina. We stayed at Morehead City Transient Docks for two nights. (Marina – total 70)

April 29th, 2022 — #228 From Morehead City, North Carolina to Hobucken, North Carolina. We stayed at RE Mayo Seafood Company. (Wall, power – total: 15)

April 30th, 2022 — #229 From Hobucken, North Carolina to Belhaven, North Carolina. We stayed at Dowry Creek Marina for a week. (Marina – total 71)

May 7th, 2022 — #230 From Belhaven, North Carolina to Coinjock, North Carolina. We stayed at Coinjock Marina. We had planned just a one night stay but due to a Nor’Easter, we got stuck here for a week. (Marina – total 72)

May 13th, 2022 — #231 From Coinjock, North Carolina to Portsmouth, Virginia. We stayed at Tidewater Yacht Marina. We had planned to keep our boat here for a month while we traveled back home. We ran into a thunderstorm and went through our last lock the Great Bridge Lock. (Marina – total 73; Lock – total 69)

June 13th, 2022 — #232 From Portsmouth, Virginia to Ridge, Maryland. We anchored at Cornfield Harbor West. (Anchor – total 20)

June 14th, 2022 — #233 From Ridge, Maryland to Annapolis, Maryland. We stayed on a Mooring Ball looking at the U.S. Naval Academy. (Mooring Ball – total 3)

June 15th, 2022 — #234 From Annapolis, Maryland to Baltimore, Maryland. We stayed at Henderson’s Wharf Marina. This is the trip where we CROSSED OUR WAKE! Now, we are Platinum Loopers. (Marina – total 74)

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  1. I have so enjoyed watching your adventure and am thrilled you are going to do it again! Before I heard the good news, I had just told my husband that I was going to watch your first trip over again. One thing I like about your blog is that Sam explains so much of little things he is doing, and uses terms that we all should know as boaters. Watching him navigate, I learned what “on the one” and “on the two” meant, as well as just becoming more familiar with starboard and port and “red, right, returning”, etc. The more I listen to him talk, the more familiar I feel with boating without yet owning a boat. I like hearing him on the radio, too. I just know we have so much to learn. We still have not found our boat, but you two have made me feel a little less nervous about giving the Loop a try. Anyway, instead of watching your first trip over again, I will watch the second. Please fill it with as many learning opportunities as you can. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experiences with us!

    • Thank you Janet! That really means a lot to us. We appreciate your kind comment.

    • Hi Sam and Rev!
      We just bought a boat! 43 foot Eastbay. We have hired a captain to teach us and have had a few lessons, but there is so much to learn! We actually are not allowed, by our insurance company, to leave the dock without the captain until he signs off on our abilities. We intend to start the Loop next Spring, so I guess we have some time. We have spent a few days and overnights on our boat so far. One question we have for you is about the water supply. I have seen jugs of water stored on your videos. I assume you at least use them for drinking. What do you use your “fresh water” for? Dishes? Cooking? I don’t trust ours right now. When I turn on the kitchen faucet, it comes out foamy. Is there a way to test it? Do you have a water filter? Is a filter on the faucets enough, or is there one that attaches to the tank? Any comments you can give on the water would be appreciated.
      Janet Miller

      • Hi Janet and congratulations on your new boat! That’s really exciting! We don’t drink the water that we put on the boat. Yes, we use it to wash dishes and only if we boil the water do we use it for cooking. Sam puts a filter on the hose when he fills the tank at a marina. You can find it on our resource page under “Boat Maintenance.” There is a lot to learn but you can do it. Have fun out there!

  2. Congrats on the wake crossing and now ready for the next one. Wife and I had wondered what the future holds. Now you can take your time and stay as long as you wish. We will be watching and reading and enjoying the trip from afar. Keep it and enjoy.

    • Thanks so much for coming along with us, Buck. We are planning to do the loop again. Stay tuned…

  3. You are making great progress on your second loop! I’m sure it is much easier now that you are “old salts”.

    • It’s incredible how much I am enjoying this trip so much more now that we have picked up a few skills. 🙂

      • “A few skills”, you are being very modest! You are now seasoned salts! I am so glad that you are enjoying yourselves. Consider a side trip to the Finger Lakes. I worked summers on Canandaigua Lake, but the lakes you can access from the Erie Canal System are just as pretty. When I worked at Xerox we spent summers on Conesus Lake. Upstate New York is beautiful this time of year.

        • That sounds fun! And yes, very beautiful.

  4. I was looking at marine traffic around oriental and decided to see where you were .then I said what are they doing up there .it’s about to start getting cold . what are your winter plans ?

    • We are putting the Here’s To Us in heated winter storage in Alexandria Bay, NY.

  5. Sam, What does the sign read over your left shoulder, Know When ? next If you didn’t have your Carver 504
    What 3 yachts would you think purchasing. ? Ball park total cost of doing the loop approx.
    What is the average cost of docking at a marina ?
    enjoyed your post greatly /// Could help but notice Rev mellowed as the loop went on.

    • It says, “Know when to call it quits and have a margarita” – it was on the boat when we boat her and seemed like a good thing to keep. I have been looking at boats so my list continually changes but I like the express type boats and faster tugs. Sea Ray 510, Nordic Tugs, Ranger Tugs, American Tugs – all without flybridges – I am a one helm guy! Cost of the loop about 50K, mostly marinas and fuel. Average cost is $2 a foot at a marina. Yes, as Rev has gotten more confident, she freaks out a whole lot less. LOL

      • I hope you will have time to spend a couple of days in Green Bay, Wisconsin, maybe plan a meet up to introduce ourselves and grill some brats….
        Safe travels 🙏
        Scott and Jen

        • That sounds fantastic! Yes, I believe our plans are to go down the Wisconsin side this time around. See you soon!

  6. Sam and Rev:
    I have been following you on your first loop, and now watching as you begin to go around again. My wife and I are planning to loop in 2023 or so, but currently do all of our boating in the bay of Green Bay, Lake Michigan, and northern Lake Huron. I wanted to encourage you to try more of the harbors on the West coast of lower Michigan as well as to cross the lake and enjoy the Bay of Green Bay from Washington Island down to Sturgeon Bay. We have cruised extensively over the years from Frankfort to Harbor Springs on the West coast of Michigan, Mack Island, the North Channel, and Door County WI. I know if you spend a little more time there, you will agree that there are not many places you can cruise that will be nicer. Enjoy your winter off the boat and looking forward to your continued journey. Scott and Amy (Who Dat)

    • Hi there! When we were in Michigan, we were blown away with how beautiful it is. You are fortunate to live in the area and enjoy boating there. Thanks for the suggestions for our second time around.

  7. I love watching your videos and reading your blogs, thanks for sharing! What is your biggest challenge when your on the water?

    • Hi Stacey! When we first started EVERYTHING was a challenge. Now, I guess it would be the unexpected and unpredictable traffic that we encounter while underway. Thanks for watching!

  8. Why did you pick that spot? Sounds like you’re going home for the winter? Then head out in the Spring?

    • We picked Alexandria Bay to store our boat in their heated storage facility for the winter. We are getting some cosmetic work done as well as a new range/stovetop for the galley. We wanted to be up there so we would be in a great position to enter Canada next spring. We have a lot of videos to put out while we are visiting family over the winter.

  9. Hi sam & Rev! Beautiful spot to pause! We are from the St Lawrence River – Clayton/Alex Bay area originally! In fact, my parents used to keep their boat at Horizon (used to be the TI Club) and my in-laws had a summer house within walking distance from the Clubhouse on Wellesley Island. Currently we are yankees living in the south – 23yrs in NC, but still spend our summers in Clayton. In fact, you went right past our cottage as you turned the point into Clayton to go to the marina. We love it so much and i’m thrilled you will be headed back to travel through Canada (hopefully the border is open by then!) We are just starting our boat search! We’ve boated our whole lives but have never driven anything bigger than a 24’! We love your videos and have learned so much from Sam! Probably a few years away from Looping for us but we plan to do lots of weekends and mini trips in Canada to start! Spend some time in the 1000 Islands…it’s gorgeous and full of history. You will love the sunsets! Can’t wait to see your video up the Erie and into Oswego and the St Lawrence!

    • Hi there, Amy and John! What a beautiful part of the country! You are so fortunate to have a place up there. We can’t wait to get back and then into Canada. It seems like a long winter so far and we are anxious to return to our boat and get back on the great loop. Good luck to you on your boat search. It’s so fun looking and dreaming. Maybe we will see you up there when everything thaws out!

  10. I would love to see you trek over to the western side of Lake Superior and cruise Minnesota’s north shore – you would not be disappointed from Isle Royale south to the Port of Duluth and on up to the Apostle Islands. I am fortunate enough to spend my boating time here and plan on the loop when I retire.
    Keep up the great video’s, I am living my retirement dream through you right now – the advice is priceless. THANK YOU!

    • Matt, that sounds like a great plan! I’ll run it by Sam. Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

  11. When you guys go from Detour to Mackinac Island this summer, use the Les Cheneaux islands channels. You’ll love the trip and we’ll treat you to docktails in Hessel.

    • Hey, thanks so much for the recommendation! Sam is writing that down for planning. See you at Docktails!

  12. As Matt stated, Lake Superior is definitely a beautiful place to spend part of your summer! My wife and I boated the Mississippi river for a number of years and finally ended up on Lake Superior and bought a slip in Washburn Harbor! The north shore of Lake Superior is a spectacular cruising area, if you should find your way up here a must have book is “The Superior Way” by Bonnie Dahl, many of boaters have toured Superior guided by that book, including my wife and I, (I have no connection to the book or author).
    I’ve recently discovered your channel and have be watching a few episodes nightly!

    • Well, thanks so much for the book recommendation. Sam says we will be going in Lake Superior this summer during our travels. Thanks for joining us.

  13. Hi Sam and Rev! My husband and I just had our new (to us) boat splash a couple of weeks ago. We are brand-spanking new to big boating so have only taken her out once (with white knuckles from the first mate!). …been doing lots of deep cleaning and re-decorating. She’s an old girl, so we are thinking with a few face-lifts she’ll look like a teenager again! I just wanted to say we enjoy watching all of your videos. Thank you for doing this. I bet it is a huge time-effort on your part. Fair winds to you! …from Kim and our home port is St. Joseph, Michigan.

    • Hi Kim! Congrats on your new boat! Really happy for you. Boy, can I relate to those white knuckles! It does get easier and more enjoyable the longer you have her and the more trips you take. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. We really appreciate it!

  14. Sam and Rev,
    My husband & I have enjoyed watching your you tube channel over the past several months ( Dec. 2020). We’ve started at the beginning and have watched you grow, both in knowledge, experience, additional wisdom and continued Adventures👍. Thanks for sharing and the time it takes to pull all of those interesting videos together! Y’all have been a wealth of information👍😁!!
    I love your new galley girl!

    • Thanks for coming along with us on this journey! We certainly have learned a lot. Also, that new range has changed my life! LOL

      • Dear Crew aka Sam and Rev,
        My mind is still wondering are you still on Belgium waffle Sunday’s ??? I hope not Minnie waffles …. I am hoping you stop in Green Bay Wisconsin, I sent a copy of biz card for harbor master of that Marina… Yogi has a great sense of humor.. I had never met him and left him a voicemail starting out ” hey Yogi this is Boo boo did you bring the picnic basket”
        I put a bid in on a repossessed Chris Craft 500 ( yes I know old but I am old too) I will have to repower it if my bid is accepted..Had buyer’s broker look at it in person and said bid 3 k more than previous but don’t get into a bidding war. Has 6V72’s one the previous owner tore one engine apart and walked away from the boat… Gulp …..
        Safe Travels and thank you so much for all the knowledge that you have shared…. Sam?? Did you ever get to fly either Bird’s into Oshkosh??
        Thank you,

        • No, we haven’t had any waffles yet but I do see them in our future. Good luck on your boat if that happens. Projects are always fun. Until they’re not! LOL

  15. Hi Sam and Rev, I spent 51 years living in St. Joe, MI. My wife and I really miss the lake. We would sit in the park on top of the bluff until 2 am and watch the boats and freighters go in and out. I was boating on Lake Michigan at age 16 in a 14 foot boat. In 2014 I moved to Tennessee and there are lakes here but nothing like Lake Michigan. I know that you passed Saint Joseph on your first round but if you can stop in this time it is a beautiful city with lots of history. Places to visit: The park on the bluff. It is long and much history there. I believe that there are still free concerts on the weekends in the band shell in the park. Kilwins Ice-cream in downtown is a great place. The art museum is a good stop also. I have watched parts of the second trip now and it is very interesting. Good luck and if you want more information please email me.

    Dan Miller

    • Thanks so much, Dan, for the recommendations. It’s obvious that this area is really meaningful to you. It certainly is beautiful. Thank you.

  16. Welcome back to Lake Michigan! If I remember right you are traveling the Wisconsin side this time. We haven’t been farther north than Port Washington on that side. You can’t go wrong with Milwaukee, Racine, or Kenosha. Milwaukee is very boater friendly. Dinghy up the river to several dock and dines and even the Harley Davidson museum. Kenosha has a huge farmers market every Saturday outside the marina. Livin the dream…..have fun….be safe and thanks for taking us along!

    • Thanks, Gary, for the recommendations! We will see where the weather and wave action on Lake Michigan takes us. 🙂

  17. Hi Sam and Rev! We have been following you for quite a while now and are excited to see that you are in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. Fish Creek has been our family get away for twenty years and we were just up there over Independence Day. We would highly recommend Wild Tomato Pizza if you can get there from the marina. The town also has lots of shopping too! Our daughter loves A Touch of the World which is a short walk from the marina. We hope you enjoy the area.

    • Thanks so much for the recommendations. We visited Scallywag’s and Bayside Tavern while we were there. So many great places!

  18. Will you be coming through Grand Haven later this month? Have been following closely and would love to meet up with you! We r docked at Northshore Marina in Grand Haven on our Carver 466

    • Hi Richard! No, we are going down the western side of the Lake Michigan this time. We really enjoyed visiting Grand Haven on our first loop. Sorry we will miss you.

  19. Hey Sam and Rev, my wife and I so enjoy your channel. We plan to do the loop, just need a few things, like a bigger boat, time, and more time. I see you were recently in Door County,WI. We have visited there every fall since ’85. Seen many changes in the communities there. If you didn’t get to visit Wild Tomato, you must put it in your bucket, great pizza!! We visit everytime we are in town. I’m looking forward to your videos around Lake Michigan. I hope they will bring a sense of security to my wife. She isn’t a fan of “the big lake”. We live near the IL/WI border in a area called The Chain of Lakes. We have the typical 20ft ski boat which is common on “the chain”. We have only been out on Lake Michigan once. Not a wavey day by any means, just the feeling of such a huge body of water around you in your tiny 20ft boat made her uncomfortable. The more she sees via your videos of water conditions the safer she feels about our abilities to do the loop. I’d love to see more segments of open water cruising. It really helps those of us looking for our loop boat to see how larger boats handle conditions we wouldn’t take our smaller boats in to. I do plan to be a fair weather boater. I also know how quickly conditions can go bad. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us as we follow you around The Great Loop.
    Todd & Angie

    • Hey Todd and Angie! Thanks for watching. We have had great water on the lake and not so great conditions. A lot of it had to do with the decisions that we made as new boaters. We have really learned a lot going around the loop and being in very different types of waterways. Good luck to you and I really hope that you do take on this adventure someday. It will give you great stories and change you.

      • Good morning Rev and Sam! Thank you for the lightning fast response! Sorry to hear of your foggy conditions while traveling the western shoreline of Lake Michigan. I will tell you we have experienced the same lately and it is not the norm. Seems we are getting plenty of southern air. The temps are great, the through the roof humidity not so much. I hope you guys have gotten a chance to experience Milwaukee’s Third Ward. A historic area filled with restaurants and bars. We look forward to being able to visit many new to us locations along the loop. Safe travels.
        Todd & Angie

  20. You should take a look at doing the Trent-Severn waterway next time around. nice scenery and it puts you into the Georgian Bay and North Channel area. Takes about a week and has some unique locks you will not find anywhere else.

  21. Do you tip the dock helpers?

    • Yes, usually $5. More if we are impressed. 🙂

  22. St. Louis resident here. Seen you were in Grafton 2 days to late. Would have loved to have docktails and visit with your guys. Really enjoy following your journey via YouTube. Hope to travel the Great Loop in 15-20 years (44 yrs old currently). Cheers!!!!

    • Our boat is being worked on at Polestar Marina. When it is completed we will be returning to Grafton to provision before moving on down the river. Send an email to us at crew@WhatYachtToDo.com and maybe we can meet before we leave. 🙂

      • Hi guys! Lisa and I will be departing KY Dam marina on the 6th of Oct. Hopefully all our maintenance items will be complete and we will have “Cell Mates” provisioned and ready to go by then. Heading to Paris Ldg for the first stop. We will be attending the AGLCA Fall Rendezvous the week of the 18th And then on to Auqa to be hauled out for bottom paint for 10 days. Hopefully we will cross paths somewhere on the Loop! If you head back to Grafton – visit “The Grafton Winery” across the street – as my cousin Mike Nikonovich and wife Lori own it. Tell them Keith & Lisa Cook said HI!

        • How exciting!!! We are really happy for you. I’m sure we will see you out there!

  23. Hi Sam and Rev. Always enjoy all of your videos. As a river boater I thought I would give a couple of tips going south of Alton. Before leaving Alton check the Missouri river stage at Washington MO (68 Miles upstream of the mouth) around 17 hours before you leave to head downstream. The Mo river flows about as much water as the Miss. at the confluence and most of the driftwood comes from the Mo river. A Steady or falling gauge at Washington insures little or no drift once you exit the chain of rocks canal. Wave to the west as you go by the confluence, as I dock at the 456M LDB of the Mo river. I wish you could take more time to take the upper Miss, Ohio,
    Tenn rivers as your missing at least 75% of the boating available in the interior of our great country. But I understand you can’t do everything. Once again thanks for the
    videos! Ron Allen on Never Say Never

    • Thanks for your comment and for following us. Great information that you shared with us!
      We will wave as we go past in the next week or so.
      Our intended route is UMR to Cairo, then upbound on the Ohio River to Paducah, then join the Tennessee and take it to Pickwick lake and the Tenn-Tom to Mobile.
      Thanks for following us and for more inside information, sign up for our twice monthly newsletter here on our website. 🙂

  24. Disappointed you left off the miles travelled between destinations in map descriptions. Sure can look up in other resources but noticeable miles left out.


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