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April 4, 2019

Once Sam got obsessed about doing America’s Great Loop, he spent almost every spare moment online searching for a boat.

The plan was to do the Great Loop after Sam had retired from American Airlines.

We had a talked about what we would like in a floating home and Sam was devoted to finding it.

The search lasted about a year.

On one of Sam’s trips to the east coast, he met a broker. He showed Sam a few boats until they found, THE ONE.

The One happened to be a 504 Carver Motor Yacht. It is named Here’s To Us!!

Here's To Us!! Tool, TX

Boat Pictures

Turning This Boat Into a Home

We love the layout of the Here’s To Us!! but there were a few changes we wanted to make before starting the Great Loop.

The salon (living room) had a table and chairs so we are putting in a restaurant style booth with extra storage under the seats.

Salon Dining Table
Remodel in the Salon

The aft bridge had a patio set with a love seat, two chairs and a coffee table that looks like it should be in your back yard not on a boat.

Patio Furniture in the Aft Bridge
Remodel in the Aft Bridge

What Do You Think?

Do you think we made the right decision? Should we have just forgotten about the remodeling projects and started the Great Loop already?

What would you have done?

Let us know below.

Take a Tour

Click here (or on the picture below) to tour the Here’s To Us.

Start YOUR Planning Today

Great Loop Online Courses

Great Loop Planning Starter Kit

How to Lock on the Great Loop

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  1. The new seating and tables are beautiful! Lots more storage too!

    • So glad that you approve!

  2. I definitely think you should make it comfortable for you before starting. The remodeled areas look great.

    • Hi Dave! Yes, you get it! Comfort is #1. Glad you like it. 🙂

  3. No your doing the right thing it has to be like you want it because in the back of your mind you would say I wish we would have done this or that to her

    • Thanks, Jimmy! Yes, you read our minds. 🙂

  4. dinning area is way more practical for your trip…does it convert to sleeping? Either way, the storage is helpful and the table material more practical.
    The aft seating is perfect…exactly what should be there. Be sure to keep it looking new with plenty of product to protect from sun and dry air.
    I like being able to move some chairs around…but they should be safe and not easily overturned. Something like this is nice to have on hand – https://newcontent.westmarine.com/content/images/catalog/large/9521832.jpg

    • No, the dining booth seats are both extra storage. The sofa in the salon has a fold out bed.
      What kind of product do you recommend for the aft seating?
      Love that extra chair!
      Thanks so much for the info.

  5. The modifications look great and very practical. You two must be more than ready to get started on the great adventure!!

    • Thanks Rus! We are so excited (and really nervous) about getting started. One engine got fixed today and the other one will hopefully be fixed tomorrow. We are getting closer!

  6. So glad we connected on Facebook!

    • Me too, Jim! Looking forward to following you on your adventure! We will see you out here!

  7. I stumbled upon your videos 3 days ago. Since then I binged watched them all. I live in the St. Louis area and would have enjoyed meeting you while you were in Grafton, St. Charles or Alton. I retired a little over a year ago and am now getting bored. The Great Loop is becoming more and more intriguing to me. I attended the rendevous in Florida last Feb. and would have enjoyed meeting you and picking your brain. I will be putting my performance go fast Formula 353 up for sale after the new year and hope to purchase a Looper capable boat by next fall. Are you planning on stopping at GTB in Kentucky? If so, when? I’ll be watching their web cams for your arrival. Outstanding marina in Kentucky. The grocery store in town there has the best apple fritters supplied from a local baker. A must try!! My advice is ask the bakery department to save you 4 or in my case 6 lol as they sellout before noon. Safe travels and love your videos.

    • Thanks so much for the tip. We love apple fritters! We are planning to be in GTB on Monday and stay for several days. We would have loved meeting you in person but we will be happy to answer any questions you may have just ask. So glad you found us. ?

  8. Enjoyed your YouTube video of your journey passing our backyard in Beaufort, SC recently. As you captured the F35s (based here at MCAS Beaufort) landing you would have been directly out our back door.

    We have neighbors here that have done the same thing you are doing. He retired from American Airlines as well and they now reside on their recently acquired 55 Viking Princess.

    Safe travels to you both.

    • Hi Greg! You live in such a beautiful area. We really enjoyed cruising through there. It’s funny just how many pilots also have boats. We have met several. Thanks for watching!


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