Resources That We Use

Here are the items that we purchased for doing America’s Great Loop. And just so you know, as an Amazon Associate we can earn from qualifying purchases (at no extra cost to you). So, thank you!


How We Use

We absolutely cannot live without these headsets! We use them for docking, anchoring, and hooking up the power. 

We even use them when Sam needs to go down into the engine room.

Can you tell? We use them a lot!

Life Jacket

How We Use

Another item that we cannot live without.

These automatically inflate when you hit the water.

They also have a pull to inflate manually.

Don’t go out to dock or go through locks without this very important jacket.

Fast Fenders

How We Use

Rev uses these to quickly move the fenders up or down.

When you are coming into a dock, you must adjust them to the height so your boat doesn’t get damaged.

They come in different sizes so get the ones that fit the size of your railing.

CO2 Cylinder

How We Use

You need a CO2 cylinder for each of the life jackets that you have (see above).

It’s also a good idea to have an extra on hand for each.

You never know when you might need a replacement and you don’t want to have to wait for it.

Locking Line

How We Use

This is the line that Rev uses for the sole purpose of locking.

It’s stored separately from the dock lines so that it will be ready when needed.

Grab 2 if you go through Canada, since those locks require 2 crew to be attached to the wall.


How We Use

Your fenders are going to get beaten up in the locks.

We were excited to find these on Amazon and got 4 for a very reasonable price.

We got the 10 x 28 inch but get the size and color that fits your boat.

SOS Beacon

How We Use

We have this up in the bridge.

It is an Electronic SOS Beacon Locator Kit.

It is a signaling device required by the Coast Guard.

Ball Bumpers

How We Use

We got two of these balls before we went through the Trent Severn Waterway locks.

We went through the Erie Canal without them and felt like we needed more protection.


How We Use

Rev uses these gloves for docking and locking and anytime she works with the lines.

They are perfect for warmer temperatures and will protect your hands.

Gloves – Warm

How We Use

If you happen to go through locks when the temperatures are chilly, you really need a good pair of work gloves that will keep your hands warm.

These will work nicely.

Boat Poles

How We Use

You will need a few boat poles in handy places around your boat.

We use them in the locks, to put lines around pilings when docking and to avoid other boats or walls that may be headed our direction.


How We Use

Rev has a knife handy whenever doing the locks just in case a line gets caught.

If it does happen in the lock, a simple cut on a tight line will give you instant success.

Handheld VHF

How We Use

We use this as a backup VHF radio.

When we are underway, Sam keeps it on 16 and then monitors other channels on the main radio for tow barges, marinas, etc.

We also take it when we use the dinghy.

Wet/Dry Vac

How We Use

We cannot tell you how many times we have used this wet/dry vacuum -certainly more than we expected.

It has come in handy for cleaning out the bilges and for unexpected spills/leaks – very useful to have on board.

Battery Filler

How We Use

This is a battery jug water filler with an automatic shut off when the cells are full.

Sam uses this to keep the batteries topped off.

Battery Charger

How We Use

Sam uses this whenever he needs it.

It’s a combination 12 and 24 volt charger.

Handy small but versatile.

Great to have for when you need it.

Flag Staff

How We Use

We put two of these on the front railing of the bow.

We fly the AGLCA burgee on one. In Canada, we fly a Canadian flag out of respect.

The staffs are specific for the size of your railings so measure before ordering.

American Flag

How We Use

We proudly fly a large American Flag on the back of the Here’s To Us!!

We had to replace it about six months into our Great Loop trip.


Quarantine Flag

How We Use

We put this Quarantine Flag on the front railing of the bow next to the AGLCA burgee.

The Quarantine Flag is to be flown when entering another country.

Once we checked into Canada, we replaced it with the Canadian flag.

Canadian Flag

How We Use

After being cleared to go into Canada, we replace the Quarantine Flag with the Canadian Flag.

This is a sign of respect that we show while cruising around their country.

Oil Analysis Kit

How We Use

Sam used this oil analysis kit to check for any issues with the engine.

He took the sample and then sent it off for analysis.

The results came back within a week via email.

Spill Pads

How We Use

We have these spill pads on hand every time we take on diesel fuel.


Sam also puts them under the engine to spot leaks.

Spills happen. Be prepared.

Water Filters

How We Use

When we take on water, usually while docked at a marina, we always use a filter.

We screw one of these filters directly to the spigot on the dock.

Then, we screw our hose into the other end of the filter to fill our tanks.

Flow Meter

How We Use

We use this flow meter to measure just how much water we are putting on the boat.

We screw our hose into the top and then place the other end directly into the water hole on the boat.

Reads gallons or liters.

Water Hose

How We Use

We use this hose for putting fresh water on board, washing the boat and rinsing the salt water off when needed.

This hose comes in different sizes so get a size that will allow you to reach all around your boat.


How We Use

This is the all-in-one scanner and printer that we decided to bring on board.

It has refillable ink tanks which holds the equivalent of 20 disposable ink cartridges.

Waste Treatment

How We Use

Boat bathrooms can be smelly!

We use this waste tank deodorant which is a waste digester and liquifier to get rid of odors.

It breaks down waste and cleans the tank.

Tank Deodorizer

How We Use

We toss one of these packets into each head (aka toilet) once a week.

I don’t know why bathroom smells are mysterious.

But we fight them every step of the way!


How We Use

When our black water holding tanks need a thorough cleaning, this is what we use.

Sam drops one in each toilet and flushes 5 times and fills holding tanks at least 3/4 full of water.

Let it sit 24-36 hours and then pump out.

Air Purifiers

How We Use

The air can get stale on boats.

So, these ionic air purifiers can really help.

We plug one in on each end of the boat.

Security Lights

How We Use

Sam put all four of these solar-powered, outdoor, waterproof, motion sensor lights around our boat.

We never felt unsafe on the loop but it never hurts to shine a little light on the situation.

Door Alarms

How We Use

For added security, we have these door alarms.

The sound is deafening and will certainly be a deterrent.

If you ever need to dock in a place you are unsure of, these will give you peace of mind.

Cup Cozy Small

How We Use

We use these all the time!

They come in many different colors (even Cheetah!) so get some to match your boat.

They are handy to have and move around and definitely a life saver when underway.

Cup Cozy Large

How We Use

Can you tell we really like these?

Sam keeps the small one up at the helm.

I use the larger one in the Lido Deck.

Extra places for glasses when entertaining!

Battery Fan

How We Use

We only have one of these right now but I am going to get more!

When it is hot and you are anchoring or docking and have no power, you really need battery operated fans. 

Yes, plural. FANS!

Dyson Fan

How We Use

And if you love your wife and her temperature level is set to extra hot at times, you need one of these.

I’m not even kidding.

This fan uses little power (on low settings) and is a life saver.

Instant Pot

How We Use

Rev uses this all the time.

It’s quick and she is able to make a few meals for when we are anchoring or want to stay on the boat instead of going out to eat.

Check out her recipes under the “Living Aboard” tab.

Induction Cooktop

How We Use

Rev uses this on many occasions as a backup stove top.

It only works with pots and pans that have a magnetic surface like cast iron.

It’s great to cook steaks or chicken on the Lido Deck instead of inside.


How We Use

Both of us have attached these floating safety whistles to our life jackets.

You never know when you may need to be rescued.

This will help.


How We Use

Sam keeps this machete in the bridge in case my line gets caught while locking and we need to be free in an instant.

I keep a knife handy but it’s good to have something that will handle the job.


How We Use

You need a good pair of binoculars while underway to spot channel markers or crab pots or anything else you need to see.

We use ours everytime we move the boat.


How We Use

We also use these monoculars everytime we are out.

It just helps to have a backup anytime you are searching for something in the distance.


How We Use

We keep this rechargeable spotlight in the bridge and it is amazing how many times we have used it.

It’s handy for checking lines, the anchor and who knows what at night.

Mini Light

How We Use

Sam keeps this micro lantern and flashlight up in the bridge.

It has a lithium ion battery and is USB rechargeable.  


How We Use

This is a very handy item to use to keep mosquitos and other crazy flying insects away.

You have to have a lot of ventilation so use on the bridge or an open deck.

You will need extra butane and scented mat refills (see side and below).

Thermacell Refills

How We Use

You will need these pads and butane refills to go with the Thermacell.

You certainly won’t want to be without refills because the Thermacell is your best defense against mosquitos especially in the south.

Jumbo Refill Pkg

How We Use

If you like to shop at Sam’s or Costco and get super-sizes then go ahead and grab the jumbo pack of Thermacell Refills.

Trust me.

You’ll use them.

Bug Zapper

How We Use

We picked one of these up at the Dollarama in Campbellford, ON Canada.

I had really low expectations but it worked fantastic on deer flies, bees and regular flies.

It was a lifesaver!

Dot’s Pretzels

How We Use

If you are going to have docktails, then Dot’s Pretzels are a must-have!

Get your packs today. 

Even if you aren’t on the loop!

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