Trey Schaefer, Yacht Broker

In May 2017, while on a layover in Baltimore, Sam decided to look at some boats. I mean, seriously look at some boats.

So he consulted his friend, Google, and found Trey Schaefer, a yacht broker, in the area.

At that time Trey was running the family business and he took the time to learn what we needed and then showed Sam a few boats.

They stayed in touch and Sam made three more visits to Baltimore and each time, Trey had several yachts that they could see.

In October 2017, Trey took Sam to see a 2001 Silverton at Cutter Marina and while the boat was nice, it just wasn’t The One.

As they stepped off the boat, Sam noticed a 1999 Carver with a brand new “For Sale” sign on it.

Trey arranged for a tour the next time Sam was in the area and the rest is history.

Trey is patient, personable and responsive. He is now is a Sales Professional with Clarks Landing, the Mid-Atlantic Beneteau and Sea Ray dealer. 

Contact him at: or (443) 257-8973.

Tell him we sent you. 🙂

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